Onduvilla Roofing - Lightweight Roofing Tiles

Product benefits
Excellent waterproofing, thanks to SealSmart Technology
Thermal Comfort.
High wind resistance of up to 314 km/hr
Good acoustic performance. Reduces external Noise
Flexible and adaptable on all structures
Lightweight and Eco Friendly
High wind resistant

ONDULINE’s lightweight roof tiles are a popular choice with building contractors, home owners, and commercial builders. These roofs are versatile and have wide-ranging applications. Being versatile, ONDULINE’s lightweight roofing tiles can be designed as per any type of simple to complex requirement. Their form factor can be changed to accommodate various types of roofing surfaces. Importantly, these are eco-friendly roofing tiles, and offer excellent durability, rigidity and long-lasting structure.

Builders use ONDUVILLA lightweight tiles as primary roofing because it enables fast installation. The roofing tiles are easy to move around, and require less effort to manage. There is also low or no risk of injuries. As they are lightweight roofing tiles, the lighter structures are used during installation.


Discover ONDUVILLA, a range of lightweight, attractive, eco-friendly roofing tiles that is the perfect for your roof. ONDUVILLA roof tiles provide high-density rigidity and durability when compared to concrete tiles. These lightweight roofing solutions are anti-corrosive in nature which makes them a superior alternative to bitumen shingles and clay tiles.

Thanks to their unique properties, ONDUVILLA roof tiles guarantee effective waterproofing and both thermal and acoustic comfort. Their lightweight form factor makes them highly malleable; fitting into various roofing configurations.

The SealSmart proprietary technology provides elasticity to the composite organic material. It allows the seal to wrap around fixtures such as nails, providing an airtight and water-tight barrier. Added to this is the strong waterproofing technology that doubly embosses the surface and makes it impermeable.

Available in many colors, the natural appearance of ONDUVILLA waterproof roof tiles blends harmoniously into the landscape.

ONDUVILLA roofing solutions are eco-friendly and environmentally safe. Manufactured using recycled materials, there are no harmful compounds and substances in these products, such as asbestos for example.



  • Resort

SealSmart technology provides excellent thermal conditioning. It makes these lightweight roofing tiles an ideal choice for resorts. Not only does the but is eco-friendly too. 

  • Collective housing

Building projects such as collective housing structures benefit from the quality of lightweight ONDUVILLA roofing tiles. Wind resistant, humidity resistant, and ultraviolet rays protecting, these roofing tiles protect the indoors as much as the outdoors. 

  • School

Lightweight roofing tiles are eco friendly, have no harmful chemicals, provide good acoustics, and make for a thermally comforting ambience. 

Leisure home

Many luxury homes, outdoor leisure centers, and even beachside shacks use lightweight roofing solutions India products such as ONDUVILLA roofing products for their aesthetics and functionality.

  • House

The construct of roofing tiles from ONDUVILLA is light in weight compared to the traditional roofing solutions. The premium roofing tiles provide good strength and durability. 

  • Car park

No more overheated car parks, and scorched tires. Lightweight roofing tiles from ONDUVILLA make car parks safer and pleasant.

  • Terrace Covering

Under the terrace, a whole world of activity could take place. Bird cages, gardens, children’s play area, and pet kennels. Having ONDUVILLA lightweight roofing tiles can protect all and everything under the terrace with a comfortable naturally regulated temperature. 


Length 1070 mm
Width 400 mm
Thickness 3 mm
Height of corrugation  38 mm
Gross Surface 0.428 m2
Net surface 0.31 m2
Weight per tile 1.27 kg
Weight per m2 4 kg
Colours 7


Collective Housing
Leisure Home
Car Park
Terrace Covering
Installation & Documentation

Installing lightweight roofing tiles is easy. It requires less effort. The roofing tiles are lightweight and have a flexible form structure. ONDUVILLA can be installed on all standard roof structures. You can find the fixing guidelines here

See the video below to see how fast the installation of ONDUVILLA tiles is. For more details please get in touch with our technical team.

Know more about ONDUVILLA roofing tiles

ONDUVILLA roof tiles are extremely lightweight weighing only 3.2 kg/m2 whereas other roof tiles weighs anywhere between 40 kg/m2 to 60 kg/m2. Hence ONDUVILLA doesn't require heavy structure and is easier to handle and transport.

Very strong resistance to high winds, up to 314 km/hr when installed on metal structure and up to 290 km/hr when installed on wooden structure compared to shingles and other roof tiles which can withstand up to 200 km/hr.  This makes it an excellent choice for areas with heavy wind.

ONDUVILLA roofing tiles come with a waterproofing warranty. Backed by exclusive SealSmart technology, the elasticity of ONDUVILLA's composite material allows it to shrink firmly around each nail, creating a permanently leak-resistant barrier.

Excellent acoustic and thermal properties of ONDUVILLA let's you have a comfortable life under your roof.

ONDUVILLA roof tiles comes with all the set of accessories in matching colours making it a complete roofing system.

They are flexible making it easier to install on any roof shape you desire.

ONDUVILLA roof tiles is an excellent choice for Over-roofing. There is no need to remove the existing roof.

ONDUVILLA roofing meets the international standards related to environment and sustainability, contributing to meet the LEED requirements.