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Product Benefits

Easy to install
Available in all Onduvilla colours
Provides superior aesthetics to hip line
Easy to install



Installation Instructions

The SLIM CAP can be used for roofs with a pitch up to 120% (50°). For higher slopes, the use of our universal RIDGE PIECE A90 is recommended.

The use of the SLIM CAP requires specific accessories to secure water tightness:

- at ridge: the APRON PIECE on both sides of the roof

- at hips: ONDULAIR SLIM, our sealing tape which provides waterproofing and ventilation properties

For small roofs (< 20 m²) covering annex buildings, the use of VENTILATED FOAM FILLERS in combination with the SLIM CAP is also a possible option.

At ridge, SLIM CAPS are overlapped against prevailing winds, and appropriate overlapping distance is secured by using the embossed lines. The SLIM CAP is fixed with ONDULINE nails or screws, through the corrugations of the tiles, into the roof structure.

For low pitch (<30%), soft fixing is recommended in order to avoid the possible deformation of the SLIM CAP.

The end of the ridge and hip lines is finished with the CLOSURE CAP (special type of SLIM CAP closed on one side).

For specific roof details, please refer to ONDUVILLA fixing guide.



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