Looking for a roofing or waterproofing solution? Onduline will be able to bring you various solutions that will allow you to shelter those you love or the goods to which you hold, for a new building or in the frame of a renovation.

Leaders in lightweight roofing, present in more than 120 countries, Onduline can help you with different types of solutions of an excellent value for money: over-roofing, opaque or transparent roofs (also called rooflight), under-roofing, protection and waterproofing.

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Roofing: Lightweight roofing solutions are fast to install – you can get into your house or the building faster! They are affordable: easy to transport and to handle, they don’t need a heavy structure and are aesthetic roofing systems!

Rooflight: Benefit from natural light using one of our ONDUCLAIR solutions.

Roof Repair: You need not panic with roof leaks. We have got you covered. Check out our range for most common roof repairs..