Product Benefits

Easy to install
Available in all Onduvilla colours
Provides a neat finish to the edges of the roof
Easy to install
Eco Friendly



Installation Instructions

The aesthetics and wind uplift protection can be optimized by using the verge element accessory, which is fixed first on the sidewall, then as well on the top of the corrugation.

Simplicity of installation is maintained, by using the same VERGE PIECE for both sides right/left.

At the starting side of the roof, the VERGE PIECE simply overlaps the first corrugation of ONDUVILLA.

On the opposite side, the roof may not end with a corrugation: cut the last tile at the edge and bend it onto a batten in order to ensure appropriate water tightness. Then overlap the batten with the VERGE PIECE. 

In addition to the usual fixing on top of the corrugation, side fixing is also necessary against wind uplift. Side fixing comes first, then finalize with top fixing.

For more details, refer the fixing guide



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