Self Adhesive Tapes - Waterproof Tape for Roof


Onduline waterproof sealing tapes can be used for a variety of purposes. Patching holes, gaps, tears, gaps. Sealing out water, moisture, and air. Bonding together any type of object. The list of uses is innumerable. The tape is 100% waterproof. It’s expertly engineered design ensures that any stubborn leaky opening is completely sealed.

Being an all-weather sealing solution, there is no worry about returning from a vacation to be invited by a dripping ceiling. No matter what the external climate is, the waterproof sealing tape sealed surface remains firm. The strong adhesive properties of the waterproof tapes ensure this. The UV resistant structure coupled with an environmentally friendly design provides maximum durability for long-lasting sealing support.

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Self-adhesive waterproofing tape


Universal solution for roof repairs

Flashing Band


Aluminium self-adhesive flashing band for waterproofing, sealing and general repairs

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