Product Benefits
Water proofing: Comply with Onduline Sealsmart Technology
High UV resistance (painted powder)
Aluminium washer resistant to corrosion
Easy to fix, less fatigue
Colour range matching ONDULINE sheets and ONDUVILLA tiles
Recommended fixing solution to activate Onduline waterproofing warranty
Wind uplift resistance
Easy to fix
The Easiest, Fastest and most aesthetical solution to fix

Onduline screws are used to fix ONDULINE and ONDUVILLA roofs durably, whatever the support. With a very low head height of only 3 mm, and their color matching the roofing material, they become almost invisible on the roof. 
This Philipps head type allows a low profile look, while being a convenient solution: Phillips is a standard for any screw driver machine. 
Onduline Screws definitely enhance the working conditions on the roof. Easy to use, Onduline Screws makes installation much faster. This also generates less fatigue than nail solution, and gives to installers an ability to adjust in or out when angle is tilted, or in case of a nut in the wood purlin.
Onduline Universal Screws are treated against corrosion (C3 category) and the high quality powder paint on the head acts as an additional protection, for optimized durability on the roof.
Onduline Universal Screws are one of the Onduline recommended fixing solutions enabling waterproofing warranty activation.

  • Nominal diameter: 4.2 mm
  • Length: 65 (+3) mm
  • Head: LPTM (low profile) head with Phillips drive
  • Material: Carbon steel (C1016 - C1022)
  • Drill point: #2S
  • Drill capacity: max. 3 mm (steel 280 GD)
  • Washer: Ø16mm M-washer in aluminium vulcanized EPDM rubber
  • Surface treatment: Electroplated, 7 μm zink with blue chrome passivation
Technical data sheet