Onduline Duro 235 - Corrugated Roofing Sheet

Product benefits
Lightweight and ideal for all types of applications.
High wind resistant
Thermal and acoustic comfort
Waterproofing Guaranteed
10% Higher coverage surface
Eco-friendly and safe
Thermal comfort
Reduce rain noise
Eco Friendly
High wind resistant


The ONDULINE DURO 235 corrugated roofing sheets offer a modern profile to the roof, and can be used both for new constructions and renovations.

They can be used for different buildings: residences, professional and commercial buildings, recreational buildings, ancillary buildings etc.

The properties of the Onduline material bring thermal and acoustic comfort to the building because the material absorbs some of the heat and noise it receives. These are 2 qualities widely appreciated by our customers. For a more aesthetic look, the back of the sheets are of the same colour as above to make the ceiling look more attractive, when looked from below.


2000 mm


1045 mm


2.09 m²


3 mm

Wave height

38 mm

Weight per m2

3.3 kg/m²

Weight of a sheet

6.9 kg


  • Collective housing

The use of Onduline Duro 235 for collective housing is recommended owing to the sturdy design of these sheets. Onduline’s bitumen corrugated sheets provide protection to housing structures against heavy winds, high humidity, harsh winters and summers, or torrential rainfall. These sheets also reduce rain noise.

  • Renovation of a metal roof with ONDULINE DURO 235

An existing shingle roof can be renovated using corrugated bitumen-based sheets. The installation doesn’t require the complete displacement of the underlying shingle roof. This is an easy way to renovate and also reinforce a roof’s strength and durability. 

  • Cattle Shed

Livestock enclosures such as cattle sheds need heat-insulating roofing solutions. ONDULINE DURO 235, lightweight roofing solutions India, is the perfect solution for this. Not only is the roofing solution insulating, but prevents the indoor temperature from being influenced by externalities such as wind, snow, rain, excess sunlight radiation. 

  • Industrial Building

Sensitive equipment, including electronic and mechanical equipment is housed in an industrial building. Corrugated roofing sheet installations prevent water logging, leaking, and temperature build-up inside an industrial building. 

  • Restaurant

Corrugated sheets are a light-weight and cost-effective alternative for roofing restaurants. These sheets provide a pleasant internal environment and control the temperature naturally. 

Benefits of Onduline Duro 235

Onduline Direo 235 Corrugated roofing sheets are stronger than plain sheets. This makes them ideal for rugged usage. 

  • ONDULINE DURO 225 corrugated sheets can be used as over roofing option without disturbing the structure. 
  • The form factor of corrugated sheets can be tailored and modified to suit any type of roofing surface.
Collective housing
Garden Shed
Cattle Shed
Industrial Building
Installation and documentation

ONDULINE DURO installations are similar to that of ONDULINE CLASSIC. For detailed installation instructions please click the link below