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Product benefits

Acoustic and Thermal comfort
Withstands strong winds
Will not rust or corrode
Asbestos -free
Thermal comfort
Acoustic comfort
Waterproofing guaranteed 15 years
High wind resistant


ONDULINE CLASSIC roofing sheets can be used both on new structures and for renovation work, on wood or metal structure.   

For more than 75 years, the ONDULINE CLASSIC roofing system has been known for its flawless water tightness. ONDULINE CLASSIC roofs can withstand all types of climates, from the snow and cold weather to the heat and humidity of tropical countries. Its extreme resistance to violent winds makes it a popular solution in exposed areas. ONDULINE CLASSIC corrugated sheets do not contain any metal: therefore they do not rust or corrode. ONDULINE CLASSIC is therefore a reliable solution for buildings located by the sea.  

ONDULINE CLASSIC sheets are appreciated by our customers for the acoustic and thermal comfort they provide to the building, especially when compared to metal roofing solutions. The material absorbs some of the noise and heat that reaches it. This is a fundamental characteristic for hot regions or in noisy environments, such as areas affected by heavy rains. 

Made from 50% recycled products, ONDULINE CLASSIC roof corrugated sheets are also environmentally friendly in their production and composition. Our material, derived from a unique technology, does not contain any asbestos, nor any other substance dangerous for the health or the environment.   

In renovation works, they can replace the previous roofing material, or be used as over-roofs over shingles, fibre cement, membrane or used metal sheets.


Installation and documentation


Installation tips

ONDULINE CLASSIC is easy to install. Follow the installation instructions to understand how easy it is.


Why choose Onduline Classic over other roofing sheets?

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