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Onduline Tile Dual Red 3D
Onduline Tile Dual Red 3D
Onduline Tile Dual Red 3D


Product Benefits

Complete system for optimized aesthetics
Thermal Comfort
Good acoustic performance. Reduces external Noise
Flexible and adaptable on all structures
Waterproofing warranty
Lightweight and Eco Friendly
Does not Rust
Acoustic Comfort
Thermal Comfort
Eco Friendly

Roofing sheet that gives the looks of roof tile

ONDULINE TILE roofing sheets give the roof a beautiful appearance of a tiled roof. 

Onduline designers get inspiration from from traditional clay tiled roofs, and trendy metal tiled roofs to create ONDULINE TILE roofing system. This very nice tile roof design immediately transforms any building look and make it outstanding from the rest of the roofs.

ONDULINE TILE benefits from the unique advantages of Onduline technology: 

  • Safe and durable waterproofing thanks to a secured roofing system and exclusive Sealsmart Technology
  • Fast and easy to install for quick weatherproofing of your house
  • Reliable, and durable
  • Eco Responsible: made with eco-friendly materials and sustainable manufacturing process, ONDULINE TILE asphalt panels participates to a durable respect of our environment
  • Lightweight roofing solution, can fit any roof structure made of wood or metal purlins
  • Suitable for both new-build and renovation.


Installation and Documentation

Onduline Tile Dual Red 3D

The ONDULINE TILE is designed for simple installation. Embossed lines help you overlap sheets with ease,  while also facilitating straight alignment and straight cutting of the roofing sheets. Fastener positions are pre-marked.

The minimum recommended slope is 15 degrees and a purlin spacing of 450mm.

For detailed information please refer installation guidelines. 


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