Overroofing is an extra layer of protection for your roof - a roof on the roof. It offers another level of protection for your home and family as it is able to cover a leaking roof or one with damaged elements or with asbestos. 

Onduline's overroofing solutions are the preferred option for many homeowners thanks to the lightweight nature of the material used. This means that the entire structure does not need to be modified so is not such as significant investment as an entirely new roof. Installing overroofing is much less disruptive to the household. The old roof remains in situ so there is no need to vacate the property or the risk of rain damage to the contents. Overroofing also provides additional comfort with increased thermal protection helping to make the interior warmer in winter and cooler in the summer. Acoustic properties are also improved with underroofing. 

Contact Onduline for more information about over-coverage solutions, such as ONDULINE systems for affordable solutions, ONDUCLAIR RENOV for professional buildings or ONDUVILLA on shingles. 

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