Roofs are the first most prominent thing that people see when they look at your house. The entire roof section practically frames or highlights the home underneath. With ideal and beautiful roof sheeting, you can…

  • Keep the top and exterior of your home looking picture-perfect while also ensuring safety in regards to living conditions.
  • Ensure an alluring visual that will make your home stand out in the neighbourhood.
  • Establish a 'beauty standard' that will positively impact resale value, if or when you choose to put your house up on the market.
  • Improve the look and appeal of any solar cells or similar 'green energy' or satellite-reliant tech installed on or adjacent to the roof of your house.

Companies like Onduline offer an assortment of roof sheets that come ready to meet various styling or budget demands.

  • The French company has been innovating for nearly 80 years, and counting.
  • Their roofing and waterproofing solutions are competent, effective, and world class. 

How To Choose The Right Roof Sheeting Aesthetic For Your Home

At Onduline, we have you covered. That said, you do need to bear in mind a handful of factors when you're out looking for roof sheeting ideas that are also beautiful. 

1. Roof Design

Here are a few recommendations…

  • Onduline Duro 235 – Corrugated sheets with a contemporary look. An effective and robust product. Colour options: red, green, brown, black. 
  • Onduline Tile – Innovative sheet design, aesthetic finish, maximum waterproofing, thermal and acoustic comfort. Colour options: red.
  • Onduline Classic – Extremely tough sheets, lightweight, with cladding system. Colour options: red, brown, black, green.
  • Onduclair PC – Transparent polycarbonate sheets to let in natural illumination and optimize daylight. Ideal for facades and roofing. Style options: crystal, fully transparent. 

2. Roof Sheet Material 

You can now turn your attention to buying light-weight roofs sheeting materials unless you know for a fact that your roof is sturdy enough to handle something heavier. 

Whether you're going for contemporary charm or rustic flair, the material you choose for roof sheeting can speak volumes on your behalf. They can also ensure your home's continued physical integrity.

While plastic (PVC, polystyrene, acrylic, polycarbonate) and metal (zinc, steel) are the two most commonly used roof sheeting materials, you also have variants like: fibre and bitumen. 

Your chosen roof sheet material should not only be durable and waterproof, it should also provide ideal thermal insulation, have high wind resistance, and come with a guaranteed 15-year (approx.) lifespan. Onduline's bitumen products promise these features. 

4. Roof Sheet Colour 

This is a great idea to mention, because nothing screams aesthetic like the perfect splash of colour to make your roof pop. This choice comes down to your personal preferences and what actually suits your home's exterior look overall. 

Professionals like the ones working at Onduline, can help advise and offer an assortment of options for you to choose from. The colour does not necessarily have to be garish or bright, vibrant or stand-out. It can be simple blacks, browns, greens, greys, and blues. 

The idea with roof sheeting colours is to convey a sense of distinguished aesthete, one that also frames the rest of your exteriors in a gorgeous light. 

Conclusion – Aesthetic & Functional 

Besides giving your residence a fabulous 'Most Instagrammable House' appeal, aesthetic roof sheeting saves you so much replacement expense down the line. As mentioned earlier, it also ensures that you enjoy your roof's look and practical benefits for much longer, thus helping you do your part in solving the Climate Crisis. A great roof sheet layout will make your house look fantastic while taking nothing away from safety, integrity, and the value for money.