General introduction on industrial roofing

If you are a factory owner and own a manufacturing unit, you would like to run your business smoothly there. However, during the rainy season, if the terrace starts leaking and water starts pouring on your machinery and other equipment, computers, printers, and other electronics items, then you will incur a lot of losses. There will be a loss of man-hours as your workers will not be able to work in such a situation.

Hence, before the rainy season arrives, get your terrace inspected for cracks and chips, and call a reliable partner like Onduline to use modern roofing materials to treat your roof. Onduline roofing sheets are  used for industrial roofing. 

Our Duro 235 corrugated roofing sheets are lightweight and are perfect for industrial sheds in your manufacturing units. Onduline Duro 235 can also be used for the roofs of the office spaces in the industry. The guarantee of 15-years of waterproofing has made it one of the most popular solutions for industrial roofing in India. It reduces noise and hence if you run an industry with heavy machinery it is a perfect choice. It is highly resistant to winds .

One of our best selling products, Onduline Tile is an innovative product that will give the look and feel of tiles, however in reality it is a roofing sheet. It is too perfect for your industrial sheds as it does not rust and looks like terracotta tiles. Our tiles will protect you from external noise and the noise inside your factory will not go out. The lightweight feature makes it easy to transport these tiles to different factories. 

You can think about installing our Onduclair polycarbonate sheets for your manufacturing units and storage warehouses. These transparent polycarbonate sheets are ideal for allowing sunlight to seep in and save you on your electricity bills. 

Benefits of over roofing with Onduline

  • Installation is done without affecting your business activity- You need not close down your business when the installation of the roofing sheets is going on. Your employees and workers can continue to work 
  • Easy installation - Our Onduline roofing sheets made with modern roofing materials are easy to install and save time. 


Advantages of Using Onduline roofing for Industrial roofs

  • Onduline products are lightweight and hence they are easy to install in manufacturing sites and warehouses.
  • Sustains strong winds up to 225 kmph, and hence your raw materials and finished products will be safe, in case there is a heavy storm in your area. 
  • Onduline products are flexible to use for any design. They will fit into your existing roof design of your factory or warehouse. 
  • Provides a rust-free solution for roofing, making it ideal for handling wear and tear in the industry sites, especially in the coastal regions.
  • Onduline products provide excellent sound reduction and thermal comfort, and hence the noise from your factory will not seep out and external noise will not seep in. Onduline products are Ecofriendly