If you’re thinking about which roof to get for your house, be prepared to pick from possibilities that range from the familiar to materials you never knew existed. Some roofing materials, such as clay tiles, asbestos or fibre cement roof, and metal roofing, have remained virtually unchanged for a long period of time. But a considerable array of other roofing materials has joined them in the Indian market; from concrete and ceramic tiles to newer products made from asphalt /bitumen like roofing shingles, Onduline roofing sheets and Onduvilla roofing tiles. In this article, we’ll help you become more acquainted with your options and the features you should consider when comparing one to another.

With a roof making up 40% of a home’s overall design, selecting the right tile can have a huge impact on a project. Choosing the best materials will ensure the durability of your roof. Selecting the right tile for the roof design requires aesthetic, technical and financial considerations, including evaluating the product life cycle - such as material performance and environmental impact - without forgetting the complexity of the installation and the need for maintenance of the roof. Let us look further into each of these factors.


This point is often overlooked in India as we are used to heavy roofing materials like clay and concrete roofing tiles. The weight of roofing materials is always a concern, because the structural framing of a roof is only designed to carry a certain amount of weight. If you choose a material that combined with the substructure, will exceed that limit, you’ll need to beef-up the framing. Doing this definitely takes time, adds to the hassle and mess, and increases the cost. Ensure the roof you choose is the right weight for your home. Now a days lightweight roofing options are available in the market, which brings down your overall structural weight. The weight also affects the installation. Lightweight materials are easier to load onto the roof and handle during installation. For example, the Onduline lightweight roofing systems and asphalt shingles are relatively lightweight.



A durable roof means great quality materials which may be a bit costly but worth the coins. Think about maintenance, performance and the robustness of the roofing products you’re specifying. Often, a pitched roof has a much longer life than a flat roof. Always check the warranty, and understand the coverage offered. Pay attention to the details, especially anything that could void the warranty. Make sure you are offered a warranty that can be claimed in India and not an International warranty. 

Features and Benefits

A roof goes beyond just the looks. The main function of the roof is to protect the people living inside the building. This is where the features and benefits of your choice of roofing becomes important. Ensure your roof provides water proofing, thermal and acoustic comfort and most importantly save you from natural disasters like hurricane, heavy rains etc. Onduvilla roof tiles can resist a wind speed of up to 346 km/hr and with it’s sealsmart technology, offers complete water proofing even in torrential rains.


This is another factor that is unfortunately ignored in most cases, especially when it comes to domestic roofing. Certification is a very important factor. It assures you the that you have used a quality product for your project. Environmental certifications, such as LEED certification, bring significant benefits to the project. Onduline follows the pattern of European quality, certified with the ISO 9001 label: 2000 which guarantees the excellence of the production of tiles and strict quality control. Recently Onduline has also achieved ABNT certification according to the NBR 16.688-1 standard. Onduline is manufactured with strong technological support, quality and superior aesthetics.


This is a very important factor. Before choosing a roof for your house, weighing the cost of roofing materials and installation will play a major role. The cost of a new roof can range from relatively affordable to unbelievably expensive. The shape of your house is also going to influence the cost of roofing. If you intend to stay in the house for several years, be aware that the ultimate cost of a material is a factor of its durability. For an inexpensive material, you might only spend half the cost of a pricier product. But if the pricier product would last more than twice as long, you’re not saving money in the long run because you may have to replace the roof again in the future. Because installing a roof is an expensive, disruptive job, it’s usually worth it to pay more for materials that have longer life spans.

Eco Friendly

There are many eco friendly roofing materials available in the market. Ensure you compare the options carefully and select the one that suits you. The roof is an ideal element for using sustainable technologies such as photovoltaic or solar thermal panels. In addition to energy generation, a pitched roof promotes the effective collection of rainwater and, in many cases, can support a rainwater harvesting system.

Is sustainability an important value for the building? If so, bear in mind that some tiles are much more sustainable than others. All Onduline roofing materials are eco-friendly.