Your roof is a key design element in defining the personality of your home. Choosing the right shape and pitch for your new roof will greatly enhance your home's architectural style and add curb appeal and value to your new home. Aesthetically, the way a roof is designed can have a major impact, on not only the architectural design, but also affect its functionality.

When it comes to shape there are several standard styles to choose from. You need to be careful to choose a look that complements the design of your home and doesn’t appear to be out of place. Below are the most popular roof designs.

Nowadays many of these styles, shapes and pitches are combined to create a unique look. No matter what roof style you choose, Onduline lightweight roofing systems is always here to help. We have different profiles to choose from in an extensive array of colours that work well with almost any type of architectural style. Onduline products are lightweight and flexible. It is easy to install and most importantly eco-friendly.