When it comes to selecting suitable types of roofing sheets, you get plenty of options in the market. But, how can one select the right one for their property? One of the common types that are trending in the market is the polycarbonate type of roofing sheet. It is successfully dominating the entire market because of multiple reasons.

One of the primary reasons people love to install polycarbonate roofing is its appearance, flexibility, and durability. And even architects prefer this variety over polyethylene, glass, or acrylic roofing systems. 

Interested to know more about this roofing system? Here is an in-depth guide about polycarbonate roofing sheets for your reference:

What Is Polycarbonate Roofing?

Polycarbonate happens to be a sturdy and resilient thermoplastic roofing material. In addition, it is lightweight and can withstand extreme climatic conditions. As a result, and due to these features, the roofing system manufacturers often consider this one ideal for the consumers. 

Not only the roofs, but this material is always in use for other structures like garages, sheds, patios, decks, and even conservatories. Sometimes, you can see people using this to cover the pools and warehouses as well.

Polycarbonate roofing sheets are virtually unbreakable and long-lasting. Hence might be the best choice as the roofing sheet in the market.

Types of Polycarbonate Roofing

You can come across different varieties of these sheets in the market, depending on their features. However, here are the top five types of polycarbonate sheets available for you:

Solid Polycarbonate Sheet

The first one on this list is the solid polycarbonate sheet which is a regular plastic sheet. You can find this variety quite easily in the market and can use it for roofing purposes. Manufacturers use UV-stabilised resin for producing this type of sheet. These are transparent like glass and can transmit light to 90%.

Plugging Solid Polycarbonate Sheet

The next one here is the plugging solid polycarbonate sheet. It is pretty similar to the previous roofing system but is available as a whole set. That means the consumer doesn't have to buy any accessories anymore. Therefore, you can consider this type of polycarbonate roofing sheets to be a budget-friendly option.

Multi-Wall Polycarbonate Sheet

One of the most versatile forms of polycarbonate sheet is the multi-wall type. These are made from high-quality polycarbonate resins that ensure their strength and high impact. These are available in the market with superior glazing systems that provide outstanding design flexibility and light transmission.

These are available in different forms, namely:

Twin Wall Polycarbonate 

Triple Wall Polycarbonate

Four Wall Polycarbonate

Honeycomb Polycarbonate

Five Wall Polycarbonate

Depending on their structures, they offer you varied thermal insulation and heat transmission. Also, these can tolerate extreme weather conditions. And they can remarkably save energy and your expenses of heating and air conditioning. Therefore, they are the perfect choice as the roofing sheet. 

Plugging Hollow Polycarbonate Sheet

Like the solid ones, these are multi-wall polycarbonate sheets that come with a plugging system. And you get to select the thickness of these varieties as per your requirements. These are easy to install, offer excellent fire resistance, block UV rays, and are entirely leak-proof. You can get these in multiple colours and customise them as per your roofing needs.

Corrugated Polycarbonate Sheet

If you compare this to the other types of polycarbonate sheets available, then this one is stronger than the rest. These offer you outstanding performances with exceptional impact resistance. Also, you get to select the appropriate one amongst different colours, materials, and finishes. 

As these are highly durable and long-lasting, they are famous for industrial as well as residential purposes. Moreover, these are highly recommended for enhancing daylight harvesting as they offer you brilliant insulation. So, these polycarbonate roofing sheets are also profitable for the ones looking for perfect water-resistant solutions.

Benefits Of Using Polycarbonate Roofing

Let’s check out the advantages of installing polycarbonate sheets for roofing purposes:

Light Weight 

You get these polycarbonate sheets in varied forms in the market. These are ideal for roofing systems as they are lightweight options and can withstand extreme temperature changes without any decay. Also, these are lighter than glass or any other roofing systems available in the market. So, it gets easier for you to manage the material during construction and requires minimal maintenance. 

High Strength 

Polycarbonate is a material that comes with high strength, thereby making it highly resistant to impact or fractures. Therefore, it offers you advanced safety and even comforts along with high reliability and outstanding performance. The polymer has a density ranging from 1.2 to 1.22 g/cm3. So, it can offer rigidity till 140°C and as low as -20°C.  

Fire Resistant

Polycarbonate roofing sheet offers you a high resistance to fire and even drastic climatic changes. Therefore, people can install this system in areas prone to storms, snow, hail, fire, rain, etc.

High Flexibility

Another reason for using polycarbonate material is that it offers you excellent design flexibility. It is around thirty times stronger than acrylic and even 200 times more than glass. So you can easily mould this one and get your desired results without trouble. Along with that, it is very light in weight, unlike glass. 

Good Insulation

Why do people keep investing in polycarbonate material for their roofs? Well, mostly, they do so as it offers excellent thermal insulation. In addition, it can retain heat perfectly due to the presence of its anti-heat properties. Thus, they efficiently save energy by conserving heat during the winters within the buildings. 

Long Life 

Finally, the biggest reason for installing these types of roofing sheets is that it offers you long-lasting effects. It can last till 20 years, provided that you invest in premium quality roofing sheets. 

Also, if you manage to hire the best manufacturers in town, you can get an extended warranty for the roofing material. Therefore, make sure to choose the right partner for installing the perfect roofing without trouble. 

Final Words

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