Don’t underestimate the peace of mind that comes from regular roofing inspections. Consider your roof as the first line of defense against weather conditions. Once your roof turns 10 years old, you may notice minor deterioration. If you live in an extreme or harsh climate, have your roof inspected and evaluated more frequently to be safe.

Knowing how often to get a roof professionally inspected depends on various factors, including what building materials compose the roof and what kind of conditions it has been exposed to in the course of the year. Signs of damage may also require more immediate action.

Make plans to have a roof inspection, at least once a year. It is a great way to predict issues before they arise and protect your home during inclement weather conditions. Here are some guidelines to help determine how often to schedule a professional home roof inspection.

Holes and cracks

If your roof has a crack in it, that can lead to numerous problems. The most noticeable is the leak than can form from a crack. As rain seeps into the crack, it can eventually drizzle through your ceiling and into the floor below. The leak can also lead to mold problems in your insulation, the need to replace ceiling drywall or tiles and other types of damage. If this the case, you need to fix your roof immediately.

If inspected regularly by a qualified roofing professional, a roof is a good investment for the life of your home, both externally through the curb appear it boosts, and internally by protecting the interior of the house from damage. If your roof needs professional inspection, don’t hesitate to call a professional roofer.