A new roof may seem like a pricey investment, but a new roof can improve the structural integrity and safety of your home whilst you’re still living there. Furthermore, it also has a big impact on the appearance and value of your home. If you rent out a home, are planning on selling your home, or if your roof is more than 20 years old, we suggest having your roof inspected to assess any damage and determine if the roof can be repaired or if it's time for a new roof.

What is the value addition of a new roof?

New Look

Updating your roof by incorporating new materials, colours or styles, can give it a modern touch. With many roofing styles and types available, replacement serves as a great chance to give your home a new look and boost its aesthetic appeal.

Resale Value

A new, modern roof can add great value to your property. When you plan to sell a property, the new roof improves the quality of your property and the appearance, so you have a greater value when you decide to sell your property. This increase in value depends on several factors, including the style of the new roof, how it architecturally enhances your home, and the location of your property.  Also, a new roof increases the value of a building due to a higher warranty when compared to older materials. Since the materials have strengthened and changed over time, putting in a new roof may result in a long warranty on your roof.


Problems such as trapped dampness, wet or dry rot, deteriorated disturbed and cracked slate/tiles or other roof membrane covering can greatly compromise the health and structural integrity of your roof. A new roof can solve these issues and grant a level of safety that both you and future buyers can appreciate.

Improved Energy Efficiency

A new roof offers better energy efficiency, which adds to the value of your building by reducing the heating and cooling costs at different times of the year. It keeps in the heat or the cooler temperatures, so you spend less on maintaining a comfortable temperature in your building. All roofs should be properly ventilated to prevent condensation or trapped dampness problems happening.

Longevity and Performance

Roofs are simple: they keep the outside out. Old roofs need to be replaced because they let the outside in, either through leaking or air drafts. A new roof gets rid of all the leaks and holes to create an impenetrable barrier on top of your home. The result is lower cooling costs, so you don’t have to sweat the utility bill anymore.

The roof on a property is as important as the foundation. Quality roofs prevent leaks, dampness and other damage from occurring. Roofs also protect the outer walls at higher levels against seeping dampness, deterioration and damage.