Yes, roof is one of the first thing people notice on your new home. You have taken your time to plan the type of the roof from plenty available in the market. You have chosen a colour you like, that goes with the rest of the building and yes you have a beautiful roof that compliments the house. Well, did you ever think that there is more to colour than that meets the eye? Let us give you an insight on why the colour of your roof matters?

Before you learn anything else about roof colour, understand this: the colour of your roof affects your home's internal temperature. Due to exposure to direct sun light, the roof becomes the hottest element of the building envelope. The building surface partly absorbs and reflects solar radiation. The absorbed part of solar radiation influences surface temperature and indoor temperature of the building.

The colour of your roof has the potential to swing the temperature in your home by several degrees. In general, light-coloured roofs reflect away heat rays from the sun, compared to darker shades. Hence light-coloured roof tiles keep cooler than darker coloured roof tiles and this cooler temperature can mean reduced energy costs for cooling a home or building. Consequently, lighter roofs work better in warm climates, and darker roofs offer key benefits in colder areas. Look at the general colouring of the roofing in your area to get a better idea of what works best for your climate.  Apart from roof colour, there are other factors as well that influence the internal temperature such as, house orientation, use of ventilation/insulation and use of passive design principles.

Your choice of roofing colour can also depend on other design aspects of your home. Certain colour and aesthetic elements naturally suit better than others. On cream or white houses, darker shades are more appealing. Brick homes on the other hand are flexible aesthetically, since many different shades can be “perfect” or at least good enough. Explore various shades on offer from Onduvilla roofing tiles, that suits your roofing needs.