For many homeowners, gutters are often one of the most overlooked structures on a roof. Gutters, however, are a critical part of your roof in their form and function. The main reason that gutters are essential in keeping your roof healthy and damage free is that, they keep water off your roof.  It is important to ensure that they are clean, free of obstructions and without leaks, as this is essential to gutter functionality.

Why should I be concerned about the gutters ?

  • If your gutters are cluttered with debris, and a heavy rain comes through, they may become so weighed down that they break away from your structure.
  • When debris like twigs and leaves collect in a tight area, it attracts pests like mosquitoes and ants. 
  • Cracks in gutters or broken sections—commonly seen on plastic gutters—can leak water down the side of your home, where it can saturate and eventually seep into your home’s foundation as well as walls.
  • Improperly positioned gutters can tip when loaded with water leading to saturation at the base of a home.

Proper gutter maintenance

  • Clean gutters thoroughly to remove any debris that might be caught in them. This includes any organic matter, as well as man made items that have become lodged there.
  • Check your gutters for loose fittings or movement and tighten up fitments where possible. If fitments have become damaged, you can usually find replacements at a local hardware store.
  • Position downspouts away from homes and check to make sure they’re working by slowly pouring a small bucket of water into your gutter and making sure it all comes out the downspout.

To perform their many useful functions, gutters must remain clear of leaves and debris. Engage in proper gutter repair and maintenance to protect these systems for years to come.

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