Do you have a rooftop above the apartment? You are already luckier than a million people out there. Believe it or not, having a rooftop is no more than a blessing in disguise for someone living in a metro or a high-density city. Because finding a serene space amid the constant chaos of the city is quite difficult. But did you know that your under-utilized rooftop can be your best spot to enjoy solace and serenity? Yes, you read it right. Converting rooftops into living space has been well accepted by people across the world. Based on your needs, hobbies, and lifestyle, you can choose the perfect purpose for your rooftop. Let us explore the things you need to pay special attention to when it comes to renovating your rooftop. 

Uses of Roof Space

Lately, roof spaces are being constantly replaced by green roofs. From residences to corporate offices to cultural institutes green roofs are marking presence everywhere. 

   Ornamental Green Roof

These are the most common green roofs that are mostly used for recreational purposes. You can create a little green place with some of your favourite flowers and benches or swing chairs and enjoy your own sweet time. 

   Functional Green Roofs

These rooftops are primarily vegetable gardens, where herbs and other crops can be grown. Cultivate your organic fruit here to ensure a constant supply of fresh vegetables and even save money on groceries.

   Natural Green Roofs

These green roofs are composed of naturally occurring plants and weeds that require very little to no maintenance. These have both 

aesthetic and long-term benefits.

Rooftops can be converted into a variety of comfortable spaces, you just need to choose wisely and work on it.


As the owner of the house, you have the freedom to design your roof the way you want to. However, with this freedom comes the responsibility to cover up essential elements that the rooftop may require; hiring a professional would aid in following the requirements of the roof. Choosing appropriate roofing tiles for the roof floor, for example, is critical. Here are some types of rooftop designs to consider.


This type of roof has only one sloping plane, as the name suggests. As a result, it appears asymmetrical. It is perfect for those who want to project a modern image.


It is one of the most frequent styles of rooftop structure in residential homes. A triangle shape is formed by two sloping planes that meet in the centre.


It is also a pitched roof with four equal-length sections. A ridge is formed when the sides meet at the corners.


This form of the roof has a double slope on each side, similar to a hip roof. It is particularly common on French estates because of its exquisite and elaborate design.


Although it appears to be flat, there are small pitches to help shed water. This roof is commonly found on large commercial and industrial structures. There is more outdoor space that can be transformed by the owners.

Select the best type based on your preferences and rooftop requirements.


Appropriate execution of rooftop space based on resident preferences and roof renovation needs a focus on certain factors. From the floor tiles to the waterproof roofing sheets for rain protection to the perfect design for the space; every detail matters.

Here are some factors to focus upon:


It is critical to determine the total cost of the process. The cost of your rooftop designs is determined by whether you are building it from scratch or redoing an existing space. It also depends on whether your construction requires structural support, the quality of the materials like PVC sheets, paint, tiles, etc used, and the size of the area. The accurate construction estimate will keep your finances under control and ensure you have enough money for any unforeseen circumstances.


The first practical step is to check the stability of the roof. Renovation can become hard to execute if stability and structural strength is not checked before. Hiring a rooftop expert is always a good choice. They will provide with best possible options of materials required and practical ideas for creating the perfect space. Moreover, it is important to check whether the rooftop needs renovation from scratch or not.


Spend time planning out a good arrangement to make the most of your area. There are several ways to make the most of a tiny space. Decide what you want in your place and use elegant design solutions. Overcrowding your roof with too many features and materials will limit its flexibility. Furthermore, pick robust furniture that will not be harmed by changing weather conditions. There are plenty of choices available to use your space smartly. A mini garden, barbecue place, library, gym are some considerable options.


The environment varies from one location to other. As a result, you cannot choose a roof based on popularity or current trends. Because of the weather conditions in your area, some roofing may work for others but not for you.

 Factors such as:


UV rays exposure



are to be focused upon.

Be sure the roof design, as well as the materials used, can endure local weather conditions around the property. A certified roofing service provider can handle the problems better.

It is always best to consult a professional roof specialist when creating your rooftop design, who can examine your space and recommends the best. Rooftop ideas will completely renovate your home, allowing you to utilize unused space while also improving your living standards.

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