Roofing sheets are one of the most important elements of a house or building construction. The quality of the roofing sheets chosen will define the level of protection your house will get through adverse weather conditions. A good quality roofing sheet provides a strong and sturdy shelter in summer as well as rain. 

Tile profile roofing sheets provide high quality use at a budget because they resemble similar to high priced roof tiles.  They are easy to install in all types of house structures. Due to its durable quality, tile profile roof sheets make it possible for your house to have a good resale value in the future. 

Tile profile sheets have better durability and are energy efficient. Let us see how tile profile sheets are beneficial:

  • Waterproof roof

Tile profile roofs are resistant to rainy weather conditions. They will provide secure warmth and protection to the house through the monsoon and stormy seasons. You can be free from worry of leakage or mold on the roof with the use of these roofing sheets. 

  • Thermal and acoustic comfort

Tile roofs provide thermal comfort by keeping extreme heat conditions out and maintaining the control of the internal temperature. Less energy is required to provide artificial heat making the house energy efficient. Tile profile roofs also help provide quality acoustic solutions by reducing external, unwanted noise for relaxing comfort. 

  • Flexible and adaptable on all structures

Tile profiles roofs are designed to be easily adaptable on all kinds of house structures. They are flexible and can be customized as per the owner’s specific wishes. The house owner or designer can choose from a variety of styles and colors that will complement the house structure. Tiles can easily fit in and be molded to blend in with different architectural visions. 

  • Lightweight and eco friendly

Tile roofs are lightweight and easy to transport. Their lightweight quality helps speed up the construction process and reduces the cost incurred in labor hours. Adding to its advantages, tile roofs are also eco-friendly. Natural air ventilation keeps the house cool in summer while  heat transfer barriers keep the house warm in freezing winter seasons. This results in less consumption of energy. 

Benefits of Onduline Technology

If you are looking to buy tile profile roofing sheets, you can opt for the high-quality tiles available at Onduline. Some of the benefits of using Onduline roofs are -  

  • Excellent Aesthetics: The look and feel of these tile profile sheets are appealing to your house  without compromising the traditional look.
  • Reduces Rain Noise: During rains, there is no disturbance or distraction to the occupants as the tile profile roofing sheets have acoustic comfort.
  • Eco-friendly: Sustainability is an important factor for the building. Onduline’s tile profile roofing sheets are eco-friendly, and they are perfect for your roof. 
  • Rust-free: Onduline’s roofing sheets are rust resistant, and they are safe to use.
  • Easy installation: Onduline tile roofs are designed for easy installation due to their lightweight quality. These roofing sheets can fit different types of roof structures including those made of wood or metal purlins. They have embossed lines so the sheets can be overlapped without any hassles. Fastener positions are pre-marked in the tiles to speed up the process. 
  • Suitable for new and old renovation: Onduline tile roofs are suitable for new houses and renovations. These tiles will easily blend in with any house design. Its red hue adds a pop of colour to renovations giving the old house a fresh and clean look.  
  • Reliable and Durable: You can be assured a durable use with Onduline roofing sheets. They feature exclusive Sealsmart Technology to deliver highly secured waterproofing systems in all weather conditions. These sheets are manufactured to have an anti-rust quality giving a fresh appearance through years of use. 

Onduline roof tiles profile roofing sheets feature the right technology and design to add beauty and quality to your house. They are easy to install and suitable for new as well as old renovations. Their lasting quality coupled with a fresh clean look through all seasons makes them the ideal choice.