A garden shed is designed with numerous features and is often placed behind a home or far away from the home. This shed adds value to your home and is very functionally beneficial. You can use it to store items like gardening tools and other equipment to keep the clutter away. Installing a garden shed enhances the value of your home. Look at the benefits that a garden shed offers.

  • Use it to store all kinds of gardening tools
  • Compliments your backyard space
  • Use it as a potting shed

Many want to escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. So, owning a farmhouse has become a trend in recent years. It brings a beautiful sense of comfort whenever you are near nature. There is always a button to push when you are in need of a break to escape into the greenery. You can grow your own crops and enjoy reaping the perks. Nothing can compare to the greenery and the power of nature. If you are going to build a farmhouse or renovate it, it is crucial to consider eco-friendly roofs to withstand all seasons.

Different kinds of roofing sheets

There is no denying that there has been a huge shift from traditional roofing materials such as asbestos and galvanized steel sheets to modern roofing solutions. Few go with metal roofs as they are durable and practical roofing materials for farmhouses. But they transmit sounds during rainy days. And they rust when exposed to weather conditions over a long period of time. The other choice is polyester-painted sheets for agricultural buildings because of their economic efficiency and medium-length lifespan. They do not blend in as an eco-friendly solution for a farmhouse.

What is the need to shift to environment-friendly sheds for your farmhouse?

There are ways to set up eco-friendly sheds or roofing systems for farmhouses. Shed roofs have become the preferred choice for many farmhouse owners. However, it is wise to use efficient corrugated roof sheets because they are durable and eco-friendly. These eco-friendly roof sheets offer excellent protection and require minimum maintenance. 

The main reason for shifting to eco-friendly sheds for farmhouses is to reduce carbon emissions. While looking for the best and most sustainable roof material, consider these benefits it offers.

Energy efficiency

It is sensible to choose a roof with thermal properties so that you can save on energy bills.

Weather conditions

Look for a roofing material that is resistant to all seasons, whether it is rain or shine.


Pick lightweight roofing sheets, as the weight may have an impact on the structural integrity of your farmhouse.


Explore various colour options and choose the colour that matches the aesthetics of your farmhouse.

How does Onduline help in making sheds environment-friendly?

Onduline roofing sheets are made from bitumen infused with a thermosetting resin. And they are waterproof and weatherproof. These roofing sheets are proven to withstand strong winds. They are easily installable and environment-friendly.

Onduline bitumen roofs have two kinds: tiles and sheets. If you are looking for roofing sheets, there are three Onduline products. 

  • Onduline Duro 235 corrugated roofing sheets
  • Onduline Classic roofing sheets
  • Onduline Tile 

Onduline’s lightweight roofing system comes in different colours. They can be used on wood or metal structure. It is one of the popular roofing systems because of its flawless water tightness. These roofs can withstand all types of weather conditions. Unlike metal roofing systems, the Onduline’s Classic sheets provide acoustic and thermal comfort. They are made from 50% recycled products. Here are the top benefits that you can reap for your farmhouse.

  • Lightweight
  • Acoustic and thermal comfort
  • Will not rust or corrode
  • Asbestos-free
  • Withstands strong winds
  • Waterproof
  • Eco-friendly
  • Easy to install

Onduline roofing sheets retain their quality and add aesthetic appeal to your farmhouse. And they are easy to install. The sheets are available in a range of environmentally sensitive colours and require minimum maintenance. So, take time to assess your farmhouse requirements and choose the most suitable Onduline roofing sheets that are eco-friendly. Reach Onduline for the most flexible, reliable, and versatile roofing material for your farmhouse or agricultural building.