Skylight roofs are a widely used industrial roofing choice. These roofs consist of transparent or translucent panels that allow partial or complete sunlight to pass through, thus illuminating a building's interior during the day. Modern-day commercial buildings also place skylights in their reception areas or lobbies to create a warm, well-lit, and inviting space. There are plenty of benefits to installing skylight roofing in an industrial or commercial building. Read on to learn more. Also, discover why polycarbonate roofing is an excellent choice for the skylight.

The Benefits Of Skylight Roofing

1) Energy Efficiency

During the day, sunlight is the most efficient and cost-effective power source. Since skylight roofs permit the entry of natural light, they can help trim down your electricity bills. Moreover, well-insulated, energy-efficient and allow the light to pass through. This helps you maintain a consistently cool temperature inside during the summer. They can also help you save money by reducing the excessive use of air conditioners.

2) Aesthetic Appeal

Natural light eliminates any claustrophobic feeling and makes a room look spacious on the inside. Thus, even if your space is small, having skylights above and mirrors on the wall can make a room look not just bigger but also more inviting and attractive. An attractive and aesthetically pleasing building has great market value. It also makes the visitors feel warm, welcomed, and positive, thus improving your business.

3) Reduces The Spread Of Contagious Diseases

A damp, dingy, and dark environment devoid of any sunlight is a breeding ground for many bacteria, fungi, and virus species. Skylight roofing allows sun rays to pass through, which helps control the transmission of diseases like flu and seasonal cold, etc. Being in contact with sunlight is also necessary for the production of vitamin D in our body, which is essential for gum, tooth, and bone health. Secondly, having a daily dose of sunlight is important to reduce anxiety, depression, and stress. Thus, skylight roofing can aid in improving the health of the occupants.

4) Enhanced Productivity

Mental health experts recommend sunbathing for relaxation. Some claim that exposure to natural light improves mood, increases energy, and makes people happier. Having skylights for industrial roofing creates an energetic and productive workspace for employees.

5) Excellent For Indoor Gardening

Many offices have turned to sustainable, green building designs as a way to save the environment. They create an indoor garden space to create a fresh and inviting atmosphere for visitors and employees. If you, too, are interested in indoor gardening, then skylight roofing is probably the best option. You can place your plants directly under the transparent roof panels to ensure they get ample sunlight.

What Is the Appeal of Polycarbonate Roofing?

Polycarbonate is probably the most common industrial roofing material for skylights. It is made of sturdy and robust polyester fabrics and coated with special UV-resistant materials to block the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. Even wind and moisture don't have any adverse effects on the surface. Thus, polycarbonate roofs are excellent for regions that experience intense heat, rainfall, or high-speed winds.

As an industrial material, polycarbonate has high strength (all thanks to its manufacturing process), which makes it practically unbreakable. Not to mention, being lightweight, it is easy to use, transport, and install. It can be easily cut into sheets and panels of different sizes with commonly used industrial tools. Due to its low-maintenance nature, it can last up to 15-20 years when cleaned periodically.

Did it motivate you to replace your existing roof with skylights? Continue reading to find the best industrial roofing product for your building.

Are you looking for the best skylight roofing materials for your building?

Onduclair PC, a polycarbonate roofing sheet manufactured by Onduline, is an excellent material for skylights. The product is said to deliver a sustainable long-term optical performance with up to 90% light transmission, owing to its additional UV-protection layer. It isn't just resistant to UV rays, moisture, and wind, but also recommended for regions that experience hailstorms.

Onduline, an 80-year-old brand, has a reputation for designing sustainable, eco-friendly, innovative, and high-performance roof systems. They design and supply roofing materials for all weather conditions and construction types. Their hard-wearing products are best-suited for commercial buildings, especially greenhouses, factories, sheds, perbolas, etc. Click here to discover why you should choose Onduline roofing products for your buildings!