Roofing is a physical entity that covers the top cover of your house. The top cover protects us from the climatic condition outside and provides closure to the physical entity of our house. It is important to maintain the roof to increase its lifespan. After the roof installation, a regular check-up and maintenance done on the roof will help increase its lifespan. After all, you would have spent some money on the roof, carefully selecting the suitable roof sheets or roof tiles based on your personal preference and a few other factors.

How to increase your roof lifespan:

Once you invest in your house, it is common to think that it would be a long-term investment. However, if you did not properly maintain and do a proper clean-up of your house, you tend to incur additional expenses. While most of you will be cautious about proper maintenance of the other areas of your house, the roof is one component that is often overlooked. The roof also needs proper maintenance to have a longer lifespan. Here is how:

  • The first step to increasing the lifespan of your roof is to select the appropriate roof sheet or roof tile for your house. Choosing a premium good quality roofing material like ONDULINE is important for the long-standing life of your roof. For eg., - A coastal area house requires non-corrosive, durable roofing options like ours to withstand extreme coastal temperatures and high-speed wind.
  • The second most important step to increasing your roof lifespan is to ensure it is properly installed by respective roofing experts. Improper installation can also lead to your roof damaging sooner than expected.
  • The prime reason for your roof to get damaged soon, are the overhead branches that hover over your roof. While it is good to build around an existing green cover, you also need to remember that it takes additional time and cost to maintain it. So regularly clean the hovering branches on your rooftop. 
  • Clean your rooftop off the dust and other climatic debris. Especially in a varied climatic condition like India, it is important to constantly clean your roof at regular intervals to eliminate rainwater and other climate-induced debris that might damage your roof. 
  • A bi-annual or half-yearly inspection of your roof is a must. This helps you to identify the minor dents that can be resolved faster and at a much lesser cost. If the same dent or small tear on your roof becomes bigger, then you will be forced to change the roof at a time you aren’t financially ready.
  • Stagnant water and your roof are never a good combination to stay long. The stagnant water or moisture can lead to the growth of mold and moss on your roof causing it to damage. The gutter on the roof must be cleaned regularly to eliminate any growth of moss on the roof.

Why the lifespan of a roof is important:

Normally a roof sheet or roof tile has a lifespan of 15-20 years based on the material of the roofing used. However, the lifespan of a roof is subjective to the amount of wear and tear it is subjected to. For instance, a roof sheet in a snowy region must be cleaned regularly to ward off the snow debris to protect your roof from growing moss during the summer. Increasing your lifespan will help you save your money and get good value for the investment on the roof made. The roof is a very important overhead cover that needs to be durable and resistible to extreme climatic conditions. 


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