The ISOLINE system is made to keep out any water that could seep through roof tiles, assisting in keeping the structure completely leak-free.

The greatest building components that are exposed to rain and snow are the roofs. Moisture and humidity are particularly good at finding their way inside your home and inflicting considerable harm. Protecting your home or property from any potential damage requires waterproofing. ONDULINE INDIA provides waterproofing solutions that are sustainable, ecofriendly and more-over longlasting. 

Without waterproofing, cracks may form, the paint may flake off, and even mould, mildew, and airborne pollutants may emerge. The building's foundation and structure are also at grave risk. It can lead to health issues for the occupants as well as the building. Additionally, they begin to emit a musty stench that gradually becomes worse, making life unpleasant for the residents. Buildings' roof waterproofing serves as a barrier defending them from the elements. To protect the structure from rain and snow, the roof must be properly insulated, which will extend the building's lifespan and improve its performance.

 Waterproofing solutions from ONDULINE

Waterproofing is crucial to maintaining the integrity of the entire structure. To satisfy different requests, Onduline offers a range of waterproofing alternatives for various types of homes. Products made by Onduline India are known for blending quality, aesthetics, and sustainability. The best quality, long-lasting waterproof roof tiles come from the ONDULINE waterproofing technology.The ISOLINE system is made to keep out any water that could seep through roof tiles, assisting in keeping the structure completely leak-free.

One may acquire a roof below a roof with ISOLINE UNDER ROOFING from ONDULINE INDIA. The under roofing system, which is completely waterproof by design, deflects any water that could infiltrate through the roof tiles and keeps the structure completely leak-free. Additionally, ISOLINE's corrugations provide optimal airflow, minimising condensation. It serves as your defence against possible harm to the structure.

Advantages of utilising ISOLOINE from ONDULINE INDIA under roofs:

a.  Assurance of waterproofing, especially on gentle slopes;

b.  Ease of installation; C suitability for all types of tiles

c.   Corrugations provide airflow to prevent humidity and condensation.

d.  Easily adapts to various roof constructions and shapes

e.  Safe as it contains no dangerous substances


Your home, your family, and your possessions are fiercely protected by ISOLINE ROOFING, a SMART WATERPROOFING, LONG TERM SERENITY. To maintain the structure completely leak-free, we built our roofing underlayment system to be completely waterproof and to reject any water that could infiltrate through roof tiles.

One of the most dependable under-tile roof waterproofing systems is ISOLINE ROOFING. Engineered to have zero leaks, ISOLINE roofing is renowned for providing buildings with long-lasting waterproofing, giving both business owners and homeowners total peace of mind. Both its exceptional quality and longevity as well as its easy and quick installation are praised for ISOLINE.


1.  It is appropriate for all tiles and sheets.

The ISOLINE ROOFING choices from ONDULINE INDIA offer roofing alternatives that are entirely waterproof and suited for all kinds of tiles and sheets, making them completely appropriate for all types of structures, whether they are residential or commercial. ISOLINE is the best waterproofing technology, whether the surface is flat or curved, made of clay or concrete. Both new construction and renovations can use it. To maintain the building's appearance throughout renovations, some of the original tiles can be used.

2.  Adequate ventilation

Onduline India's ISOLINE ROOFING alternatives provide a roofing method in which ISOLINE ROOFING not only helps to waterproof but also to provide superb ventilation. The ISOLINE roofing underlay's wavy design generates a double ventilation circuit on the roof, preventing condensation-related humidity.

3.  Fits all types of roof constructions

When choosing ISOLINE ROOFING from ONDULINE INDIA, you may have roofing that can fit any style of roof, whether it's flat, curved, or made of concrete. All owing to ISOLINE roofing's great flexibility and lightweight, which allow it to respond to structural motions and roof expansion and contraction without cracking.

4.  enhances acoustic effectiveness

Nowadays, people prioritise appearance. It is challenging to find roofing alternatives that offer a long-lasting waterproofing solution while also enhancing the appearance of a structure. ONDULINE offers ISOLINE ROOFS, which fulfil the purposes of waterproofing and also provide the structure and acoustic comfort, to make this work easier.

5.  Lightweight and simple to install

Both its exceptional quality and longevity as well as its easy and quick installation are praised for ISOLINE.

The ISOLINE installation process is easy. Other than the standard building tools, no extra equipment is needed. Both wooden and metal battens can be fastened using ISOLINE. A hammer or electrical drilling equipment can be used to fix the ISOLINE. For each form of roof support, the proper type of fastening must be utilised.

Things to keep in mind while getting waterproofing done:

Make sure you select the best waterproofing company as most homeowners frequently deal with issues like water seepage and moisture. The main causes of these issues are subpar building quality and inadequate waterproofing measures. While the immediate impacts, such as puffiness of the walls, wetness, and paint peeling, may appear insignificant, if they are not addressed at the appropriate time, they can seriously harm the property. People frequently view the cost of waterproofing their homes as irrelevant. They are content to employ weather-resistant paints to provide their homes with protection from the elements, but everything has a shelf life. The water-resistant coating tends to lose its capacity to stay intact over time and after exposure to various weather conditions.

Consider a variety of roof waterproofing alternatives from ONDULINE INDIA, which provide homogeneous film thickness over the surface and strong bonding. The roofing solutions provided by ONDULINE are strong, long-lasting, and simple to set up. For technical support and questions, one can contact the ONDULINE TEAM.