General Introduction on roofing solutions

Roof is one of the first things an onlooker notices when they look at your outdoor pavilion. If you are a restaurant or resort owner, having multiple outdoor pavilions for your guests will be a great idea. 

While the foundation of the building should be extremely strong, the same goes for the roofing solutions for your outdoor pavilions too. There are multiple modern roofing solutions available today for you to choose from for your outdoor pavilion. 

We at Onduline are committed to offer the best roofing solutions in India at an affordable price. All our roofing solutions come with waterproofing and you need not spend extra money to get the roof of your outdoor pavilion waterproofed. 

What are outdoor pavilions?

If you have a huge bungalow built on a huge piece of land, and you want to build an outdoor pavilion next to your swimming pool, we have the best modern roofing solutions available for you.

You can build an outdoor pavilion to set up a barbeque and cocktail bar and have family get together there. The children can play comfortably in that area and relax when they get tired. 

Things to consider when choosing roof for outdoor pavilion

These are some of the important things to consider when you are planning to buy roofing solutions in India for your outdoor pavilion-

  • House style- If you have a home which has a gable style roof, having the same for your outdoor pavilion too will be the best option. The outdoor pavilion should look like an extension of your home, not a separate standalone structure.
  • The area- You need to decide on the area where you want to erect the outdoor pavilion. There should be ample space and limitations such as property boundaries, fixed structures including retaining walls and trees, should not hinder your work. On the contrary, if you have a larger property, erecting multiple structures which will serve as an outdoor pavilion will be a good idea. These spaces can be used to have a quiet tea with your spouse in the evening, or a romantic dinner with the right kind of lighting.
  • Location- If you are looking for a shade during the summer months in your outdoor pavilions, you should be aware of the position of the Sun on your property. You need to position the outdoor pavilion enclosure in such a way that it provides comfort to your family and you when you are outdoors.
  • Roof shape- The shape of the outdoor pavilion should not be in sharp contrast with the shape of the roof of your actual building. These are the common designs for your to consider-
  • Gable- Two sloped surfaces meet at a point to create a gable roof. They are the most commonly used design for an outdoor patio and even if your main building has a flat roof, you can go for this without any concerns.
  • Flat- These types of outdoor pavilion roofs will have a slight slant so that the rainwater can fall off easily. If your home has a flat roof, you should go for the same for your outdoor patio too. However, this is not the best solution for areas which receive heavy rain. It will be better to go for gable roofs or hipped roofs in such areas as the rainwater cannot accumulate at all.
  • Hipped- These roofs resemble a pyramid and are ideal for cottage homes and bigger areas. They look inviting and the pyramid structure invites positive energy from the Universe. This type of outdoor patio will be perfect for your yoga practice and meditation.

Best roofing solutions for outdoor pavilions

Best roofing materials for your outdoor pavilion will be the following-

  • Metal- Tin or alloys of tin are not expensive, however become very hot during the summer months. If you live in a hot area, then this will not be the best solution for you.
  • Terracotta Tiles- Terracotta tiles are made of soil and hence keep the place cool. They are perfect for constructing the roofs for outdoor pavilions in hot areas. Onduline tiles look like terracotta; however they are made of very lightweight bitumen.
  • Polycarbonate- Onduclair Polycarbonate sheets are available in two profiles to match Onduline classic as well as Onduline Duro 235. If you want natural sunlight to fill up your outdoor patio, then go for it. They are perfect for cold regions where the inmates would love to have sunlight while doing some outdoor activities. 

How does Onduline provide a solution for your roofing?

Onduline lightweight purlins are perfect for constructing outdoor pavilions. The steel used in these purlins does not tend to warp with age and it is perfect for providing support to the Onduline tiles and sheets. The high-quality finish makes it look good if you are sitting underneath.

  • Onduvilla- These roof tiles can sit perfectly on the roofing truss system made out of the purlins. To add to your happiness, you will get them in eight magnificent colors to match the color scheme of your primary building’s outdoor paint. Shaded red, Terracotta 3D and Forest Green 3D are our bestseller products.
  • Onduline Tiles- If you are planning to create an enclosed outdoor pavilion, Onduline tiles should be your best bet. They offer exceptional thermal comfort and your rock star son or daughter can practice with their band in the outdoor pavilion. The noise made by the musical instruments will not seep out as these tiles have excellent acoustic comfort. Since they offer excellent waterproofing, the musical instruments will not get wet when it rains. 
  • Onduline Duro 325- These corrugated sheets are extremely lightweight and will look amazing on the top of your outdoor pavilion. Available in four mesmerizing colors, they will make your neighbors go green with envy.

Conclusion on Onduline roofing solutions

Do not wait any longer to call our roofing experts. We will offer such great solutions for your outdoor pavilion roofing in such a great price point that you will end up referring Onduline to all your friends and family members.