The roof is the critical part of your house. It indeed acts as a protective shield against rain, hail, and debris. If the roof is in good shape, then no worries. Remember, it needs extra care and maintenance because of various climatic conditions. Are you planning to check your roof before the monsoon comes? It is a wise decision to inspect your roofing system. There are reasons why you need to go for roof repairs and they are as follows.

 1.  Damaged shingles and broken roof tiles

2.  Stains including algae and moss damage

3.  Roof exceeding the average lifespan

4.  Roof leakage

If you are witnessing roof leakage, don’t delay and look for professional help from Onduline. You need a quick and easy fix to cease the roof leak.

 What is a Quick Fix for Roof Leaks?

A waterproofing roof is a much-needed solution for roof leaks. And below are quick fixes.

 Ways to Quick Fix Roof leaks

·         Use of tarp

A roof tarp can protect your roof from rain or wind. And it provides a temporary solution to stop roof leaks.

·         Use rubber sealant coating

This kind of sealant comes in a liquid form of rubber so that the application becomes easy without any hassle. It acts as a shield from the sun and rain.

·         Use of Onduband and Flashband 

Onduband from Onduline is a self-adhesive waterproof tape and consists of an elastomer bitumen compound mixed with high-quality adhesive resins that are covered with an aluminium foil and reinforced by a PET film.

This waterproof tape is not only designed for roof details but also for a wide range of exterior repairs: rain gutters, connection of roofs and walls, chimney flashings, clay or concrete tiles, metal sheets, and more.

 Benefits of Onduband

·         Self-adhesive

·         Easy and fast to fix

·         High resistance to tear off UV resistant

·         Multipurpose use 

·         UV Resistant

 Flashing Band Onduline for Waterproofing

This aluminium self-adhesive flashing band from Onduline is a tape used to seal roof structures, wall joints, etc. As it is made with UV-stabilized coated aluminium it has a high resistance to all weather conditions. This product offers the easiest and fastest solution to fix.

 Benefits of Flashing Band

·         High resistance to all weather conditions

·         Waterproofing

·         Professional quality

·         Quick and easy

Remember, a small leak can create a big problem as the days go by. Leaky roofs need to be fixed at the earliest. If your roof is leaking continuously, mould formation can cause potential health problems. Roof leaks make water drip from your ceiling, leading to damage to the roof. So, it is wise to go for periodic roof maintenance to ensure there is no roof leakage or other roof repairs. 

Onduline comes to the rescue by providing roofing products to fix roof leakages easily and quickly.  What are you waiting for? Onduline is just a click away!