Homeowners have developed a vast range of interests on roofing materials to meet their changing needs. To cater to the new-age demands of customers, the roofing industry has introduced a range of modern roofing materials and designs that are in huge demand.

Below are the new trends in Roofing Materials 

Trendy Colors - roofing sheets that have appealing colors are in huge demand among consumers. This is due to the value that stylish roofing sheets can add to the appearance of the buildings. However, many roofing sheets are painted in different colors which fade away over time. To overcome this issue, Onduline roofing sheets are coated with a special technology. It ensures that the sheets retain their colors for many years. You can find Onduline sheets in attractive colors like green, red, brown, and black. 

Lightweight - roofing sheets that are light to carry are another preferred product among the customers. Lightweight sheets make transportation easy. They require less manpower for their installation. They also involve less time in getting installed. This is why Onduline roofing sheets are all made in this category. You can easily carry the sheets to the roof and install them with no hassle.

Eco friendly - roofing sheets that are manufactured from eco-friendly materials are not just the need of the environment but also for the dwellers of the building. This urges customers to prefer eco-friendly sheets for their roofs.

Types of roofing materials at Onduline 

  • Onduvilla Roof Tiles - Tiled roofs are known for their aesthetic appeal, lightweight, and customizability to fit different renovation and new projects. Onduline offers trendy tiled roofs that gives a sense of exclusivity. Besides look, our tiled roofs are backed by technological innovations such as the Sealsmart Technology. This provides a barrier against leakage. We provide a roofing system that is secured, durable, reliable, and waterproof. You can easily install the roof and be assured of a weatherproof roofing system. These are the best alternatives to clay tiles, bitumen shingles, and concrete tiles. The material is lightweight, which makes installation a quick and hassle-free process. Also, we make use of a manufacturing process that yields eco-friendly materials.
  • Onduclair PC - these transparent roofing sheets are ideal for spaces that require natural light while also providing protection against UV rays. These sheets are ideal for all weather conditions as these are resistant to fire and extreme temperatures. These are lightweight and easy to install. You can use the sheets for greenhouses as well as sports hall, given their strength and unbreakable nature.
  • Onduline Duro 235 - these robust roofing sheets give a modern look to your house, commercial buildings, professional buildings, etc. You can use them for new projects as well as for renovations. These are eco-friendly sheets that gives protection from water. These are available in different colors that let you add aesthetic look to your projects.  
  • Onduline Tile - these are roofing sheets that have the appearance of the classic roof tiles. Available in red, these sheets ensure protection against water, extreme weather conditions, and rust. These are flexible sheets that you can use on all kind of structures. Being lightweight, you can install them easily. 
  • Onduline Classic - Being weatherproof, you can use these sheets for all kinds of weather conditions without worrying about rust or corrosion. These are made from recycled products, which contributes to their eco-friendly nature. 
  • Polycarbonate Roofing Sheets - Polycarbonate sheets are known for their superior quality and usability. You can use polycarbonate sheets for various projects. It is lightweight, which makes transportation easy. It resists the harmful UV rays and does not turn yellow. 

Thus, there are many options available for roofing. Choosing the right material and the right roofer goes hand-in-hand. So, be careful to hire suppliers that have sufficient experience in meeting specific client demands.