The destination that you can always turn to is Onduline for all types of roofing requirements. We offer the best roofing materials that are ideal for all weather conditions

What is meant by sustainability?

Sustainability is the buzzword that has been cycled around in recent years. There are three pillars where sustainability stands firm and they are environmental, social, and economic. The interconnection between these three pillars leads to a harmonious balance.

Sustainability, in terms of terrace roofing, is using eco-friendly materials, materials, and technologies that promote long-term ecological balance. Overall, it reduces the negative impact on the environment. But the main objective of sustainability roofing is to conserve resources, minimize energy consumption, and reduce waste generation in the life cycle of a roof.

How does sustainability connect with homes?

Roofing plays a critical role in protecting and insulating your home. It also safeguards you from rain, wind, and sunlight.

Sustainable homes or eco-friendly homes are significantly rising these days, as they create healthy living environments. The prime aim of these homes is to reduce energy consumption, use renewable materials, and conserve water.

Some of the important factors of sustainable homes include:

  •  Using recycled roofing materials
  • Enhanced energy efficiency
  • Durability and longevity
  • Effective water management
  • Indoor air quality
  • Heat, ventilation, and air conditioning

The overall purpose of sustainable homes is to reduce their environmental footprint, promote the conservation of resources, and provide healthier and more comfortable living spaces for residents.

Sustainable roofing for a living

When you are looking for roofing options for a sustainable house, go for roofing materials that are eco-friendly, energy-efficient, durable, and recyclable. Let us get an insight into various roofing types that are commonly used in sustainable homes.


It is the most popular choice used in residential as well as commercial applications. The key feature includes weather resistance. It is a reliable choice, making it suitable for several roof designs and applications.

So, select the best roofing option that meets your specific requirements and sustainability goals.

How does Onduline help with making your home sustainable?

The destination that you can always turn to is Onduline for all types of roofing requirements. We offer the best roofing materials that are ideal for all weather conditions. There are lightweight waterproofing sheets and tiles for terrace that are eco-friendly for you to explore, whether it is new construction or a renovation project. At Onduline, we make the perfect and sustainable roofing systems that are safe and feature thermal and acoustic comfort. The materials that we use absorb the heat as well as the noise it receives. We provide bitumen roofing that is highly weather resistant and lightweight compared to many traditional roofing materials.

Let us dive a little deeply to understand different Onduline products so that you make an informed decision.


These are corrugated sheets that not only give an appealing look but are also eco-friendly and safe to use. as your roof sheet for the terrace. They are lightweight, highly wind resistant, guaranteed waterproof, and sustainable. The roofing sheets are used for new constructions and renovations.


These tiles come in different colours and offer eco-friendly solutions for your roofing. They also provide safety and perfect waterproofing. The key features of Onduvilla include thermal comfort, high wind resistance, excellent acoustic performance, flexibility on all structures, and environmentally safe.

These lightweight roofing solutions offer high-density rigidity and durability, unlike concrete tiles. The anti-corrosive feature makes it a great alternative to bitumen shingles and clay tiles.

Onduline also provides terrace leaking solutions besides the aforementioned products. So, your tiled roof never leaks because Isoline acts as a waterproofing security to keep your house 100% leak free. This is suitable for any type of tile, whether it is new construction or renovation.

Get in touch with Onduline to help you with a sustainable roofing solution. Make your home more sustainable!