One just can't underestimate the importance of having "a roof over their head". The roof symbolises every human's need for shelter, safety, and stability. Considering it’s the most important part of any structure, aesthetics, strength, longevity, and resistance are a few factors that we consider when choosing a roofing style and material. If you want a triangular roof (e.g., gable roof, hip roof, Dutch roof, dormer roof, etc.) for your house, then tile profile roof sheets are perfect options. Here, we’re going to discuss how they’re different from conventional clay tiles and other roof sheets. 

What Are Roof Sheets And How Are They Different From Tiles?

Unlike traditional tiles that are heavy and made of clay, roof sheets are thin and flat roofing panels manufactured from a wide range of materials (e.g., galvanised steel, aluminium, polycarbonate, bitumen, asphalt, etc.). However, modern-day manufacturers mostly don't use metal or asphalt for manufacturing roof sheets to make them flexible, durable, lightweight, and eco-friendly. These roofing materials work best for harsh, humid, and hot weather conditions, as well as noisy environments.

What Are Tile Profile Roof Sheets?

Tile profile roof sheets resemble traditional roof tiles in colour, makeup, and appearance. They're often placed over fibre cement, shingles, metal sheets, or membranes as over-roofs. They can be tightly overlapped with the verges, ridges, hips, valleys, sides, wall abutments, etc., to form the roof.

ONDULINE® - The Leading Provider Of The Best Tile Profile Roof Materials

ONDULINE® is a well-known name in the roofing industry, having been in business for nearly eighty years.The brand is well-known for designing a diverse range of contemporary roofing materials for new constructions, remodelling, and repairs. Their inventory includes roofing sheets, tiles, tile profile roofing, installation parts, etc. When it comes to tile profile roofs, there are two options available.


This product has the aesthetically pleasing finish of conventional roof tiles but with a contemporary profile. Its stylish 3D structure makes each sheet appear as though it is composed of several rows of smaller tiles knit together. The roof sheets come in a standard size of 2000mm x 970mm, a weight of 6.1kg, and a "dual red 3D" shade.

The material comes with matching roof accessories to form the complete roofing system. The package includes:

  • ONDULINE® Ridge (with double wings to flexibly accommodate different roof angles)
  • ONDULINE® Verge (suitable for both the right and left edges of the roof)
  • ONDULINE® Valley (for collecting rainwater that falls into valleys)
  • Screws from Onduline® (for screwing the structure to steel, wood, and hardwood underlays).

The best part is that customers get a 15-year waterproofing warranty on ONDULINE® Tiles.

The Benefits Of Tile Profile Roofs: Why You Should Prefer ONDULINE® Tiles 

They are mostly appreciated for providing acoustic and thermal comfort. It means they're composed of materials that cancel out outside noise (like the pitter-patter sound of the rain) and absorb intense heat to keep the interiors cool. Owing to these features, they're perfect for areas that have hot and humid summers and high traffic.

  • Tile profile roof sheets are tightly secured in place, thus providing a high level of resistance against strong winds, moisture, and harsh climatic conditions. So, you no longer need to worry about unexpected leaks.
  • Since they don't contain any metallic elements, they're naturally resistant to corrosion (rust formation). You won’t need to worry about replacing your roofs for a very long time.
  • The sheets are manufactured without asbestos, which makes them 100% eco-friendly and safe for the environment.
  • Being lightweight in nature, they're easy to install and maintain. The manufacturers provide a simple step-by-step guide that will help you with the installation process.
  • They’re aesthetically appealing and available in multiple colour options (like ONDULINE® Classic, which comes in red, green, black, and brown shades). You could pick a shade to complement the exteriors.

The Applications

Owing to their high resistance and durability, tile profile roof sheets are best-suited for residential, commercial, and industrial structures. e.g., resorts, houses, offices, and agricultural & industrial structures. They could be customised to construct different roof styles.

Does this inspire you to build a tile profile roof? Visit our website to discover why Onduline is the best product for you. Get complete information on ‘Tile Profile Roof Sheets and place your orders.