A lightweight Corrugated Sheet is the premium, eco-friendly, durable, and long-lasting. Lightweight corrugated sheets are made of either metal, PVC, bitumen, or any polycarbonate infused with a thermosetting resin. They are light in weight yet have high resistance to extreme weather conditions. They also block the UV rays effectively. They are lightweight and also corrosion-resistant. Unlike other metal sheets, they aren’t heavy to handle and don’t react with the moisture in the environment. Lightweight corrugated sheets are the best choice for coastal areas in India as they are prone to changing micro-climate. 

When to renovate:

  • The roofs are materials that protect your house. Wear and tear of our protective layer need regular repair or restoration so that the protective layer is effective
  • There might be water seepage from the roof as the roof has been withstanding heavy weather conditions.
  • In the case of nuts or screws on the roof, there might be holes from which water from monsoon season can seep inside the house. 
  • It is natural for the roof to deck in and sag in places which might lead to breakage in parts of the roof in a few areas. 
  • There might be water accumulated in the roof owing to the heavy monsoon and dew. If the roof isn’t renovated or changed the excess water may lead to algae formation on the roof which is not hygienic.

Why lightweight corrugated sheets for renovation:

After years of usage, your roof would need renovation. In general, a normal metal sheet has a shelf life of 10-15 yrs, after which there might be some expansion due to weather changes. Owing to the expansion of the holes formed due to the screws in the sheet. This will lead to water seepage from the roof. Especially for the Indian climate, summer dominates the climate pattern, and metals tend to expand in the heat. 

Renovating your roof with a lightweight corrugated roofing sheet is the best option if you are looking for eco-friendly durable roofing solutions for your home. Onduline sheets are lightweight and can provide high resistance to extreme weather. They come in different profiles and colors to alter the look and feel without having to compromise on the quality or usability of the roofs. An eco-friendly option that provides great resistance to high-speed wind and heat perfect for India’s coastal weather.

Advantages of using lightweight corrugated sheets:

  • High tensile strength:

The lightweight corrugated sheets like polycarbonate and bitumen sheets have high durability and tensile strength. They are proved to withstand 290 kmph wind speed. In the context of the Indian climate, the sheets withstand heat and can block UV rays.

  • Environment friendly:

Onduline lightweight roof sheets are eco friendly. They also overall decrease the carbon footprint of the building proving to be an eco-friendly option for roofs. 

  • Lot of varieties to choose from:

Unlike other roofing solutions for home, lightweight corrugated sheets have a variety of designs and colors to choose from according to the preference of the designer/owner. 

  • Easy installation :

As the roofs are light in weight it is easier for transportation from one place to another and it is easier to install. Thus reducing the overall labor cost. 

Onduline, a European-based brand is one of the leaders in providing lightweight corrugated roofing sheets. They have around 8 manufacturing units across the world from where the sheets are imported to India. Onduline has a patented way of manufacturing its roofing sheets and tiles. Their sheets are made of cellulose/bitumen or polycarbonate infused with a thermosetting resin. The most common types of lightweight corrugated sheets provided are bitumen and polycarbonate roofing sheets.


Both the bitumen and polycarbonate roofing sheets are eco-friendly, premium-priced, lightweight, easily transportable, and require less labor to handle. The polycarbonate sheets are skylights that allow sunlight to penetrate the space providing natural light and ventilation. The bitumen and polycarbonate sheets come in a variety of colors and shapes according to the preference of the designer. Though light in weight, their sheets have a resistance to more than 290kmph speed of the wind. The onduline sheets are non-corrosive and can withstand any extreme climate perfect for the Indian coastal climate.

If you are renovating your roof, consider Onduline for the wide range of products they can offer. Onduline has Onduvilla, bitumen-infused corrugated roof sheets, polycarbonate sheets, to name a few with varied ranges of color and looks to choose from.