Onduline has been developing roofing sheets and waterproof roofing for the last 80 years. The company began its operation in France and is a time-tested leader in the roofing solutions industry. 

They have aesthetic roofing solutions for your house that can add a vintage touch to garden areas or to villa style home. They also have transparent polycarbonate roofing sheets are available for warehouses and office areas. Onduline roofing sheets are built to withstand all kinds of weather.

Onduline roofing sheets and roof lights can be used to create a traditional comfortable look or a more modern sleek solution depending on the budget and design vision of the construction.  

Onduline is focused on maintaining top quality for their products so that the buildings which use Onduline roofing are able to comply with the building regulations in their respective areas. 

Onduline roofing sheets for different areas:

Roofing sheets can be used to create beautiful covered garden spaces or for creating sturdy extensions to existing structures. The different roofing sheets offered by Onduline are:

  • Onduline Tile- this roofing sheet looks like the traditional roofing clay tiles. This is perfect to add a homely old-world charm to any construction without compromising on structural integrity and creating a more long-lasting roofing solution. 
  • Onduline Duro 235- this is a corrugated roofing sheet. But it is not a basic corrugated roof that is heavy and difficult to use. Onduline Duro is very lightweight and perfect for any outdoor areas and building extensions. 
  • Onduline Classic – as the name suggests this roofing sheet gives a very simple and classic look to houses. This roofing solution is very lightweight making it a favourite among construction managers.
  • Onduclair PC- these are actually transparent roofing sheets and can be used as roof lights. These are made of polycarbonate panels and are perfect to allow some natural light inside a structure. 

Reasons to choose Onduline roofing sheets:

  • Reduces Rain Noise and also does not rust like that of the metal sheets. It is suitable for coastal areas as it has a water proofing  warranty and high wind resistance.
  • Premium brand- Onduline is a reputed brand name in the roofing business with years of experience under their belt of creating product that are best adapted to different kinds of construction needs. 
  • Eco-friendly – in the 21st century, environmental concerns should be at the forefront of all decision making. This is why Onduline guarantees that all their roofing products have a positive carbon balance of close to 4066 g Co2/m² which is much better than all other popular roofing solutions on the market. 
  • Weather Resistant – Roofing sheets produced by Onduline are weather resistant. This means that they are able to maintain their structural integrity even in under the harshest sunlight and the heaviest rains or the coldest snowfall. People living or working in buildings constructed with Onduline waterproof roofing sheets can go about their daily life in peace without having to worry about leakages or cracks. 
  • Flexible - Roofing sheets need to be sturdy, but they also need to be flexible to a certain degree so that builders can bend and shape them to the requirements of the construction. The roofing sheets produced by Onduline are flexible and adaptable to different constructions. 
  • Light weight - Onduline understands that just because a roofing sheet has to be durable it cannot be excessively heavy. A very heavy roofing sheet would be too cumbersome to transport and place correctly. It would also put unnecessary pressure on the building structure beneath. So Onduline has designed roofing sheets which are very lightweight. Construction engineers swear by Onduline roofing because of the ease of utilizing their products. 
  • Durable - Buildings are constructed for long term use. So, the roofing has to also sustain for a number of years. Over their years of industry experience Onduline has perfected their roofing sheets to be some of the most long-lasting roofing sheets in the market at present. They are waterproof sheets, able to handle strong impacts and require very little overall maintenance.

Benefits of Onduline roof lights:

  • Natural Light - Transparent roofing sheets and skylights allow lots of natural light to enter the building which can be very beneficial for the human body and the psyche. Natural light is important for the human body to regulate its sleep wake rhythms and produce certain hormones in the body. People with indoor jobs who spend most of their time indoors often end up not getting any sunlight for days at a time which can severely impact their mental health and bodily regulation. 
  • Aesthetically Looks Good - Engineering and architecture is reaching new heights every single day. Buildings with innovative eye-catching designs are becoming status symbols and marketing points. A roof light can be a very visually appealing design element in a building that changes the entire appearance of a structure. It can be interesting to see a view of the sky from indoors whether in the daytime or at night. 
  • Durable – Onduline designs their roof light solutions with high quality polycarbonate roofing sheets. These roofing sheets are much sturdier than other transparent roofing solutions like glass or even fiberglass. Onduline roof light solutions are able to sustain their structure even after string impacts and can last for years after without requiring much maintenance. Onduline roofing solutions are weather-resistance and have a very long-life. 
  • Light weight - Roof light solutions can be produced from a variety of transparent roofing materials. But the polycarbonate roofing sheets used by Onduline are designed to be especially light weight. These are easy to transport to the construction location and also easier to place in their accurate location. 

Onduline is one of the premier international roofing solutions providers in the market. They constantly utilize the newest technologies being developed by scientists to create products which can serve a variety of uses. Their products have grown and adapted to changing customer needs over the years and that is why they are still at the top of the roofing sheet industry even after decades in the business.