The roofs form one of the most important elements of design in a building. In the olden times, the roofing was done by Mangalore tiles or dried coconut and palm leaf sheets. In recent times, we have roofing sheets and roofing tiles that can be laid on the roof.

Roofing tiles and their benefits:

Roofing tiles are tiles that are used in the roof part of the house in simple terms. A roofing tile unlike the floor tile can come in various shapes, sizes, and materials. Roofing tiles are required for the following reasons:

  • Roofing tiles are easier to lay and renovate when required. 
  • If there is damage in one part or tile of the whole roofing set, you need not dismantle the complete roofing. Removing the damaged part and replacing it can do the magic.
  • Compared to a roofing sheet, roofing tiles give better weather resistance. In a roofing tile, there can be air pockets given for air circulation. It does not alter the overall performance of the roof.
  • Roofing tiles have corrugations on them making it easier to maintain them. If a roof tile has algae or fungus growth owing to the weather condition, tile alone can be replaced.
  • Roofing tiles provide good resistance to pests and other insects.
  • Using roofing tiles reduces the overall energy produced by the building
  • They are also eco-friendly and can be found in various shapes and sizes if you need your roof to be aesthetically pleasing.

There are concrete tiles, terracotta tiles, slate tiles, wooden tiles, and lightweight roofing tiles. Lightweight roofing tiles in onduline, one of the best roofing tile manufacturers, provide transparent polycarbonate roofing tiles that help in bringing in natural light to give an aesthetic touch.

Roofing tiles price - how is it determined?
There is always a price range for any product. Similarly, the roofing tile price also depends on a few factors like the following 

  • The price also differs according to the design of the roofing tiles. If a tile has more valleys and designs it will eventually cost you more on the budget.
  • The size of the space, profile, type, and origin of the roof also determines the final price of the roofing tiles. The larger the space, the more tiles you would require, and that increases the price.
  • The height of the roof also determines the price of roofing tiles. If the height is higher than usual or the pitch of the roof is steeper, it becomes harder to lay the roof. There is a hazardous factor involved which eventually increases the price of the roofing tiles. The workers might need more safety equipment and experienced laborers to handle such magnitude.

It is wise to choose a roofing tile that is lightweight, premium-priced, easy to handle and can last long like Onduvilla. They provide roofing tiles in Polycarbonate and cellulose-infused tiles that can be easily handled owing to their lightweight. 


Onduline, one of the leading European-based roofing tile solutions companies, has a monolayer technology roofing tiles and has their process patented. One of our products Onduvilla, roofing tiles for residential and resorts come in various materials and colors like red, green, terracotta 3D. Classic red 3D, brown to name a few. We are premium-priced and offer better resistance to sound and heat. Onduvilla is the best for the coastal areas as they are lightweight and bring down the overall structural weight of the building. They are also easy to handle and comes in various colours and textures.