Roofing Sheets:

Roofing solutions for homes can be a difficult decision. However, we do have roofing tiles and roofing sheets available in the market that can constitute your roof. Roofing sheets are continuous, seamless sheets made of metal or  bitumen or cement or clay . Unlike tiles, the roofing sheets need not be laid and clamped together. Best roofing sheets have high resistance to wind, rain, summer heat, and other extreme weather conditions. 

Why roofing sheets : 

 Roofing sheets are more economical than tiles. Their cost of labor and installation time is relatively less. There are a lot of reasons for choosing roofing sheets over roofing tiles, however, the following are the major advantages of roofing sheets.

  • Strength:

Roofing sheets are highly durable. They can withstand high temperatures, wind, rainfall, and other extreme climatic changes. Ideal for the coastal and extreme climate of the Indian subcontinent. Owing to their durability they can also be used for different shapes of the roof. 

  • Easy to handle:

Roofing sheets are easy to handle and can be easily installed. They consume less time to be transported and installed when compared to roofing tiles.

  • Anti-thermal:

Roofing sheets have color coatings that help trap the thermal heat and shield the interiors from overheating. Cement and clay roof tiles tend to radiate heat inside the space enclosed. However, a cellulose-infused roofing sheet offers better thermal resistance.

  • Low-maintenance:

Roofing sheets are easy to maintain. There is no use of brackets to join the sheets together. So the chances of the sheets damaging and leaking are less when compared to the roofing tiles. Roofing sheets can be easily maintained and their life span is higher.

  • Fire resistance:

Roofing sheets have good resistance against fire and other natural calamities. They are the most stable roof structure for residential and industrial purposes.

Types of roofing sheets:

There are different types of roofing sheets available in the market. Metal sheets, cement sheets, aluminum sheets, and lightweight sheets. Metal sheets aren't suitable for coastal areas as there is a chance of the metal to corrode and react with the saltwater moisture in the atmosphere. Lightweight bitumen roofing sheets have high resistance to corrosion, heat, and wind. They are easy to transport and handle.

We at Onduline have polycarbonate and lightweight bitumen sheets at premium prices. 

Onduclair - Polycarbonate sheets:

Polycarbonate roofing sheets or skylights are cellulose or fiberglass infused with thermosetting resin and used as a roofing material. The polycarbonate sheets allow sunlight to penetrate inside the space and block the harmful UV rays. Although they are light in weight, Onduline’s onduclair can withstand the extreme climate. They come in various sizes according to the customer’s preference.

Lightweight roofing sheets:

Onduline has a range of lightweight roofing sheets that are highly resistant to heat, fire, high-speed wind, and non-corrosive. The sheets come in a variety of ranges and colors to choose from according to your needs. They are highly durable and can be easily transported.The Onduline roofing sheets are leakage-proof.

We have an expert installation team who help our customers to install their sheets without any error, as a very small error can lead to the damage of the sheets.