A roof is the highest part of a building. It serves as the structure and protects the interior from rain and snow. It can be flat, pitched, vaulted, domed, or any combination of these. There are various types of roofs, so you should choose the type that best matches your home's design and geographic location. Asphalt shingles or bitumen roofs are an excellent option, and they look great on most roof types.

In addition to their long-term durability and ease of installation, modern roofing sheets have several advantages. They are easy to install and come in a wide range of designs and textures. As a result, they are the perfect choice for residential and commercial constructions in India. If you are looking for a high-quality, affordable roofing solution, then Onduline Roofing in India can meet your needs.

What is Residential Roofing?

Residential roofing systems are essential components of a building's exterior. Not only do they protect the interior from weather conditions, but they also provide acoustic comfort. Asphalt shingles and bitumen are one of the most ideal  types of residential roofing. 

Aside from keeping your home protected from weather elements, residential roofing also improves curb appeal. A nice roof makes a great first impression and attracts buyers and friends. It also increases the value of your home, which translates to more profit from the sale of your residence. 

Onduline House roofing sheets are corrugated sheets made from selected bitumen. It is easy to install and is made of cellulosic fibres. The material is durable, lightweight, and waterproof and is available in a variety of colour options. Onduline Roofing Systems is the market leader in corrugated bitumen roofing, with millions of customers trusting them to get the job done right.

What is Commercial Roofing?

Commercial buildings are taller buildings than residential ones, and thus, their roofs are less visible from the street. However, commercial building owners may be proud of the way their buildings look. Among the most ideal commercial roofing materials is bitumen corrugated roofing sheets. You may choose a material that reflects light in an appropriate way to match the surrounding environment. You can also choose a material that reduces the load on the HVAC system.

Onduline's 3mm thick, lightweight corrugated roofing sheet is easy to install and provides a reliable, complete solution for any commercial roofing project. Its unique technology combines cellulosic fibres and bitumen for outstanding waterproofing. These qualities make it ideal for many types of buildings. They are 100% eco-friendly and are suitable for use on industrial buildings, institutions, and commercial buildings.

How Does Commercial Roofing Differ From Residential Roofing?

Compared to residential roofing, the difference between commercial and industrial roofing can be significant. Although residential roofs offer more aesthetic options, they are typically easier to repair, replace, or maintain. Generally, commercial roofing is flat or low-slope, allowing more room for the building to grow, and requiring less manpower. Whether you need a new roof for a commercial building or are looking for a replacement for an existing one, there are a number of important things to consider.

  • Based on roof design

Among the biggest differences between residential and commercial roofing are their shape and style. While both are designed for protection against the elements, residential roofs usually have a smaller slope, and commercial roofs are generally large and flat. This makes maintenance and repair more complicated. 

While both types of roofs serve the same purpose, the architectural designs of commercial and residential roofs are significantly different. Roofing for a commercial building is also significantly larger than a residential roof, and a commercial roofing contract usually comes with a much longer list of specifications. 

  • Based on the material used

Generally, commercial roofs do not require an aesthetic appeal. Because they are prone to wear and tear, commercial owners typically look for cost-effective options. Another important difference between residential and commercial roofing is the material used. While both are made from the same basic materials, commercial roofs differ significantly in cost, application, and life expectancy. 

Roofing materials vary from residential to commercial. Residential roofs are more flexible and easier to maintain. However, commercial roofs require more manpower and protective gear. Therefore, commercial roofing generally costs more than residential roofing. 

  • Based on roof installation

A residential roof installation requires fewer materials and is relatively easy to complete. Generally, a durable base is used for the base layer. This base layer is covered with waterproof material. Then, shingles, roofing sheets or tiles are affixed over the top. The installation process for a commercial roof depends on the slope of the roof and the number of layers of roofing. Commercial roof installation usually takes more than a month, with many different steps and specialized tools.Similarly, the cost of a commercial roof is more than twice as high as a residential roof. 

  • Based on maintenance

The two types of roofing have different levels of maintenance, but both require yearly inspections to ensure structural soundness and protection from weather damage. Residential roofs generally require minimal maintenance and are usually easy for homeowners to check for damage. Residential roofs are usually built with materials that drain easily and are sloped. The commercial roof also may be constructed with composite materials, such as bitumen.

Roofing solutions at Onduline for residential and commercial buildings

Roofing solutions from Onduline are an excellent way to make any home or office more durable. These products are easy to install, environmentally friendly, and lightweight. Onduline sheets are available in three different sizes and in red/green/brown or black colours. Onduline is a global manufacturer of roofing sheets and accessories for residential and commercial buildings. The lightweight and durable Onduline sheets are made of recycled organic fibres. Developed 80 years ago, Onduline is a sustainable, environmentally friendly, and effective solution for roof renovation. Its lightweight and low-heat conductivity characteristics enable it to provide perfect seal integrity in all climates. Onduline roofing sheets weigh four kilograms per square meter and are easy to install. Moreover, Onduline products are made from recycled fibres and contain no asbestos. Founded in 1945, Onduline claims to have the best roofing sheets in India in bitumen-based roofing and insulating materials.

Onduline Classic corrugated sheets are an excellent option for new construction and renovation work. Because they do not contain metal, they are impact-resistant and offer good thermal comfort. Furthermore, they are able to absorb noise, making them an excellent choice for buildings in crowded urban areas or in areas prone to heavy rains. You can also choose to install the Onduline Classic roofing system on a wood or metal structure.


Onduline roofing is an innovative product that incorporates cellulosic fibres and selected bitumen to create lightweight roofing sheets. These roofing sheets can be easily installed over existing roofs or plywood. They are the number one choice for corrugated bitumen roofing. Onduline Roofing Systems are trusted by millions of people across the world.