If you are building your dream home and looking for the best roof tiles for your abode, you have reached the right place. If you live in a hot climate region in India like Delhi, Jaipur, Chennai or Kolkata, installing energy-efficient tiles is the need of the hour. Onduline has come up with a range of roofing solutions like Onduvilla tiles, Onduline Duro 235 corrugated roofing sheets, Onduline tiles, and Onduline classic roofing sheets to meet all your roofing needs.

Issues faced in hot climate region  

  • Rust due to humidity
  • Extreme hot weather 
  • Cracks due to hot and cold climate change 
  • Damages due to heavy wind

Onduline Tiles 

Our Onduvilla lightweight roofing tiles are the answer to all your problems which you have faced with roofing tiles all this while. If you live in a hot climatic region and your house becomes extremely hot due to aluminum tiles or concrete roofing, we have the right solution for you.

One of our best-selling products, Onduline tiles are eco-friendly and completely safe for your family. They offer very high-wind resistant and perfect for houses near coastal region of India like Mangalore, Visakhapatnam, Machilipatnam, Panaji, Diu, Porbandar, Daman, Cochin, Calicut, Puri, Gopalpur-on-sea, Chandipur etc. 

Our roofing tiles will give you a respite from that plight. Affix your roof with Onduline tiles once, and for years together the SealSmart technology will take care of the rest. 

Benefits of using Onduline products

  • High wind resistance of up to 314 kilometers/hour
  • Reduces external Noise 
  • Reduces upto 90% of rain water noise
  • Lightweight and Eco Friendly
  • Thermal Comfort
  • Excellent waterproofing, thanks to SealSmart Technology
  • Flexible and adaptable on all structures

Bitumen tiles from Onduline are extremely durable and are the best waterproof tiles for roofs available in the market today. Our tiles are lightweight and hence can be transported easily. Onduline’s bitumen tiles do not contain carcinogenic asbestos and are good for the health of your entire family and will also keep your home cool and energy-efficient. So what are you waiting for? Just reach out to our experts and get a quote right away.