General Introduction on roofing for manufacturing units

Roofs are a valuable investment for manufacturing units. A good quality roofing system will go a long way in ensuring that your goods are safe through all seasons. A roof that can stand through hailstorms, heavy rains, snow and other extreme weather conditions will keep your building safe while your goods will also be protected. Onduline roofing systems featuring a robust yet lightweight quality are a great choice if you are planning to set up a manufacturing unit. 

Things to consider for manufacturing facilities roofing

Here are some factors you need to consider when choosing the best roofing solutions for your manufacturing facility - 

  • Sustainable roofing

Make sure to choose a sustainable roofing unit. Sustainable roofing units are environment friendly while also ensuring durability and efficiency. It is ideal if the roof is UV resistant to protect the goods and workers from harmful UV rays. The world is changing rapidly with the evolution of industries and technology. Climate change has become a worrisome factor. Its effects are being witnessed all over the world. As such, by opting for sustainable roofing you can play your part in doing good for the environment. They can be such as solar roofs, cool roofs and garden roofs. Onduline roofs are manufactured in compliance with environmental regulations. They are asbestos free and make use of recycled fibers. 

  • Longer life roofs 

The roof should be durable enough to stand through harsh environments. When people set up a manufacturing unit, they are focused on long term goals rather than short term goals. In order to ensure that the manufacturing unit is strong and durable enough to withstand extreme weather conditions, choose a quality cellulose-bitumen-based Onduline roofing system with natural pigments for lasting coloration. 

  • Good waterproof roofs 

There are many features to look out for when choosing a roof for your manufacturing unit, among those, the waterproof feature should be kept as priority. Any sort of water leakage could result in damage to the unit’s equipment and machinery. It would also create an undesirable working environment for the employees. The manufacturing unit would be non-functional during the monsoon without a good waterproof roof. Onduline provides a guaranteed waterproofing performance amidst any weather conditions. The composite fibers also help in noise reduction which helps maintain a noise-free working environment amidst heavy rain and storms. 

  • Energy efficient roofs

Energy efficient roofs are not only an environmentally friendly option, they are also cost effective. These kinds of roofs help to create a comfortable atmosphere especially in manufacturing units that are not air conditioned. It helps decrease the bills you spend on maintenance costs and is durable for long lasting use. Onduline roofing systems incorporate a manufacturing process that ensures low energy consumption and low carbon footprint. Over 80,000 tons of material are recycled from the manufacturing plants. To add to that, a high performance treatment system ensures that there is no liquid waste.

  • Thermal efficient  roofs 

Thermal efficient roofs are designed to provide a comfortable atmosphere as compared to metal roofing systems. Onduline’s thermal roofs have been praised for its capacity to absorb heat and noise. This makes for a healthy and breathable environment through different seasons of the year. It is the ideal choice in places with extreme weather conditions. 

How does Onduline provides the best solutions

With over 80 years of industry experience and a presence in over 100 countries, Onduline is designed to provide the best solutions when it comes to roofing units. Onduline roofing systems are lightweight, easy to install and transport from one place to another. It features a robust waterproof quality to keep your goods and machines safe through harsh weather conditions. Onduline sheets are manufactured with the knowledge and approval of the environmental legislation.  

If you are looking for a new roof to purchase at a cost effective price without sacrificing on the quality, get an Onduline roof.