Skylights can really open up a room and do a tremendous job of adding dimension wherever they’re placed. Opening up the room to outside lighting brings an inviting element to any room, a presence or warmth that makes you want to curl up with a good book. Aside from looking great, skylights can also provide more natural light, are great for ventilation, and can even help you save money on electricity. Here are a few of the best rooms in which to consider installing a skylight

The Living Room

Living rooms are often the rooms where people just ‘hang out’, most of the time and that is why it is an excellent option for skylights. Extra light for entertaining friends and family can add brightness and value to a home’s featured room.

In the Kitchen

Having skylights in the kitchen offers plenty of light for cooking. Nobody wants darkness when they have a knife in their hands. In addition to that having natural sunlight flood your kitchen in the morning can be a great way to start your day. More over skylights help in turning the small or narrow kitchen into a more cheerful and bright space that seems inviting.No matter what the style of your kitchen is, there are plenty of creative ways in which you can add a skylight. 

The Bedroom

With a bedroom skylight, you feel like you’re camping under the stars in the comfort of your bed. A bedroom skylight is also ideal because, as you already know, many of the waking hours that we spend in our bedrooms occur at dawn and dusk, two times of the day when turning on interior lights might be necessary, but not optimal. Also, a skylight can offer the benefits of a window without the threat of nosy neighbours.  

In Bathrooms

As is the trend for skylights, one in the bathroom can really open up the room and add a touch of natural light to a room that might otherwise feel cramped and unwelcoming. A small dark bathroom can be tremendously improved by adding even a small skylight. It provides a natural light without privacy concerns like vertical windows. When a bathroom is closed off without any windows, moisture tends to build up. This can lead to water damage, mold, mildew, and general disrepair. A skylight can offer light, ventilation, and privacy where it’s needed most. Improved by additional natural light, bathrooms become more comfortable during day times.