ONDUCLAIR® PC Rooflights

Daylighting single-skin polycarbonate system for roofing and cladding




ONDUCLAIR® PC is a daylighting solution designed for roof coverings and claddings, combining outstanding light transmission with good impact resistance.


ONDUCLAIR® PC is rated Euroclass B-s1, d0 and can therefore be employed in a host of different building types.


ONDUCLAIR® PC delivers long-term sustainable optical performance (up to 90% light transmission) thanks to an external coextruded UV protection layer.


ONDUCLAIR® PC is available in an opal finish that minimizes glare and distracting shadows (in sunny areas) and creates a stimulating environment within the building (improved concentration and better productivity). ONDUCLAIR® PC maximizes the transmission of natural daylight creating environments people want to spend time in while reducing energy costs on artificial lighting.


In zones where sunlight is intense, the opal finish (delivering 66% or 46% light transmission) limits the solar radiation and protects light-vulnerable crops. Moreover, ONDUCLAIR® PC reduces heat loss during the night.


ONDUCLAIR® PC can be employed in many geographic zones worldwide thanks to its outstanding resistance to temperatures ranging from +130°C down to -30°C.


ONDUCLAIR® PC is practically unbreakable under normal use and also recommended for wall cladding in sports facilities so as for regions regularly affected by hail.


ONDUCLAIR® PC is a lightweight, manageable, easy-to-lay solution that can be installed on light framing, without overlap (maximum sheet length up to 12 m). The fast installation, with standard tools, so as the lightness of the material also optimizes your implementation and transport costs.


  • Optimises the transmission of natural daylight into the building.
  • Impact and hail resistant
  • Withstands extreme temperatures
  • Ideal for green houses
  • 100% recyclabe









From 1.50m855 mm1.2 mm90%Resistance to soft impact - 1200 Joules*-40°C to +110°C under continuous exposure1 external side UV protectionEN 1013





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