Roofs face the first brunt of weather and climatic changes. The roofs start developing cracks and the problem of water leakage starts along with that. 

In India we do not experiment much with roofs and depend mostly on reinforced cement concrete. However, as the building ages, the concrete starts eroding and the steel bars which were used in reinforcement start corroding. If you are looking for methods for best waterproofing for the terrace, read further.

Why is waterproofing for roofs important?

During the rainy seasons you must have faced problems to hold the rainwater leaking in through the cracks of the roof.

If the cracks are not repaired in time, then the seeping water will spoil all your furniture and household electronics and other items. It also will weaken the structure as the seepage only does not happen at one place. The water might be seeping in through one or two cracks which you can see, but there will be numerous cracks on the roof which will allow the water to seep in and weaken the concrete and steel bars.

Hence, every good civil engineer will ensure that proper concrete roof waterproofing is done.

These are the benefits of Roof waterproofing-

  • Improves structure durability and market value- If your house has proper roof waterproofing and you are trying to sell it in the market, it will fetch a better price than a house which does not have proper waterproofing.
  • Reduces repair costs- Once you complete your roof on a terrace with a reliable roof materials like Onduline - Onduvilla tiles, Onduline Duro 235, Onduline Tiles or Onduline Classic roofing sheets, which provides excellent waterproofing you can breathe happily. You won’t have to waste money every year on waterproofing solutions for your roof.
  • Offers energy efficiency- Best waterproofing for the terrace will also offer great insulation and reduce your energy bills during the summer months. It will reduce your air-conditioning and cooler bills.
  • Improves the health of your family members- Water seepage reaches the walls of your house and generates fungi, moulds and other micro-organisms. They will start impacting the health of your family members. There might be recurring problems of wheezing, eye infection, breathing problem, coughing, skin irritation etc. So if you want your family to remain healthy and safe, and safeguard them from the dampness of your house, invest in a good waterproofing solution right now.
  • Protects all your valuables- Leaking roofs reach to the walls and start spoiling the cupboards and all the wall-mounted wooden furniture. The wood of your kitchen cabinets too will start rotting if you do not repair your leaking roofs fast.

Factors that damage the roofs

  • Improper installation of roofs
  • Heavy rainfall
  • Extreme high temperature climate 
  • Aged roof sheets

Hence, every good builder will ensure that waterproof roofs are provided. 

Onduline products provide a waterproofing warranty

We at Onduline give a guarantee of 15-years on most of our waterproofing products.  You can choose from any of the following products for the waterproofing of your roof needs.

  • Onduvilla- Lightweight eco-friendly roofing tiles. 
  • Onduline Duro 235- Lightweight corrugated roofing sheets.
  • Onduline Tiles- Roofing sheets that look like roofing tiles. 
  • Onduline Classic- Lightweight roofing sheets for modern homes.

Waterproofing tapes from Onduline-

  • Onduband - A self-adhesive waterproofing tape that will put an end to all your worries pertaining to roof leaking was conceptualized and curated by Onduline.
  • Flashing Band - Flashing band is an innovative solution from our reliable company Onduline. It is stretchable up to 25% and is made of butyl-based material. It has a coating of UV-stabilized coated aluminium and that makes it very sturdy for all weather conditions.

Conclusion on sheet roof waterproofing

So if you are looking for a long-term-sheet roofing solution, do not delay in contacting our experts today. We will give you a quote for your house quickly and before the next rainy season, you can install the best waterproofing materials for the terrace for your home.