Terraces are undoubtedly one of the most loved and utilised spaces at home. Whether hosting barbeque parties, enjoying evening teas, or just taking a stroll amidst fresh air, terraces are a perfect retreat from our mundane lives. However, with great pleasure comes great responsibility and maintaining a patio can be quite a task. From regular cleaning to keeping the tiles/sheets of the sheds in good shape, terrace maintenance requires consistent efforts. And one of the most critical aspects of maintaining a terrace is the waterproofing solution. If it is not waterproofed, it can lead to water seepage, damaging your home's structural integrity. But worry not, as we bring you the ultimate solution to waterproof your terrace! in this article. 

Identify any Damages or Leakages.

To ensure that your terrace remains a peaceful haven, it is essential to keep an eye on any damages or leakages that may arise. The first step in identifying any issues is to check the surface for cracks on sheets or missing tiles. If the terrace has a waterproof membrane, it is imperative to look for any signs of cracks or bubbles. You can also look out for damp patches on the ceiling or walls, which could indicate a leak. Identifying these damages or leakages early can prevent further damage and protect your terrace from costly repairs.

Preparation of Roof for Waterproofing 

Preparing the roof for waterproofing is crucial in protecting your home from water damage. Preparing the roof involves several steps, such as cleaning the surface, removing debris or loose material, and repairing any damage. This process ensures that the surface is smooth and ready when the water-resistant material is applied to the roof, creating a protective barrier that prevents water from penetrating the surface. 

Ways to Waterproof Roof:

 Now that your terrace is prepped, it is time to choose a solution. There are many ways to waterproof your roof, including paint and self-adhesive tape.

  • Waterproofing Paint

Waterproofing paint is one of the solutions that help to keep your walls, roofs, and surfaces safe from damage caused by water. It not only adds a layer of protection against leaks but also helps to prevent mildew and mould growth. It is a popular choice as it is cost-effective and easy to apply. However, it may not be as effective as other solutions.

  • Self-adhesive Tape 

Self-adhesive waterproofing tape can repair the damages caused by water and humidity. It's the ultimate lifesaver when you're looking to seal leaks. Its unique adhesive properties and the bitumen membranes can make it a perfect fit for any surface, whether metal, plastics, concrete, masonry, plaster, wood or glass. The best part is that it's incredibly easy to apply; if you have extra sheds on the terraces, it is the best option to protect the roof. 

  • Roofing Sheets

Roofing sheets can help waterproof a building by providing a protective layer against rainwater and other forms of moisture. When properly installed, the sheets covering the terrace create a barrier that prevents water from causing damage to the structure and interior. The sheets can be used to build an excellent open recreational space, as some roofing sheets are transparent or translucent, allowing natural light to filter through the interior. 

Benefits of Using Waterproofing Products:

  • Water-repellent products are designed to protect surfaces from water damage. This can include everything from water intrusion in buildings to damage caused by exposure to rain and moisture.
  • By preventing water damage, leak-proof products can help reduce the need for costly repairs and maintenance. 
  • Waterproofing products can help prevent the growth of mould and mildew, which can contribute to poor indoor air quality. 
  • Some water-resistant products can help improve energy efficiency by reducing air leaks and improving insulation. 
  • Waterproofing can improve the value of a property by providing long-term protection against water damage. 


Waterproofing your terraces is essential to prevent building structure damage and maintain their integrity. With the various solutions available in the market, choosing the right one can be daunting. Onduline offers a range of leak-proof solutions that protect terraces from water damage.

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