Roof maintenance is technically the periodic check done to see if your roof is intact or are there any damages. Your roof is the first layer of protection from the above. It protects you from all weather conditions.  Like any other building element, the roofs also need regular checking and repair to be done. Depending upon the space whether it is residential or commercial, the roof maintenance can be done every quarterly, half-yearly, annual, or bi-annual. A routine check-up of your roof helps balance and save the investment done for the same.

Why it is vital to do a routine roof inspection:

We all love surprises but not the ones that burn our pocket. A regular routine roof checkup can help you find minor damages. Negligence of such minor repairs can lead to something severe. 

  • The moisture that collects on the roof poses a harmful threat to the living beings inside the space. The mold that collects on the roof is harmful to the residents. So, it is vital to clean the roof at regular intervals for accumulated water and mold.
  • A roof is most often the place left neglected. This might cause pests to accumulate on the roof. 
  • A routine check on the roof saves a huge amount of money that might arise during the regular half-yearly or annual checks. Repairing the roof then and there also adds value to the money spent during the construction of the roof. 
  • A routine roof inspection increases the longevity of the roof. Any small damage due to the weather conditions, identified in the earlier stage helps to repair the roof easily and also doesn’t burn your pockets more. Summers often cause the sheet to expand. The rainy water can also seep through the roof. A proper check of the roof helps us save the roof and the interiors from serious damage. 
  • Regular cleaning and maintenance of the roof help in clearing dirt accumulation and avoiding invasion of pests on your roof.

Roof repair solution:

Onduband - a self-adhesive waterproof tape for a roof  - that is made of high-quality resins mixed with elastomer bitumen compound, which is covered with an aluminium foil and reinforced by a PET film. Onduband is easy to fix and handle. They provide high resistance against harmful UV rays and are easy to install. They come in a variety of colours according to the customers’ needs. We also have a Flashing band, made of self-adhesive aluminium, which helps in sealing, waterproofing, and protecting the roof from further damage. Any repairs required for your roof, do reach out to Onduline repair solution.