Roofing sheets or roof tiles? Can't seem to decide what to choose for roof construction or remodeling? Recently, the roofing trend in the Indian market has witnessed a paradigm shift for multiple reasons. The primary factors include: growing environmental concern; dissatisfied customers looking for more durable & cost-effective alternatives; and greater demand for sustainable, eco-friendly, and industrial products. Resultantly, roofing sheets have gained more popularity in the industrial, commercial, and domestic sectors. 

If you, too, want a conventional but affordable and hard-wearing look for your roof, you could go for tile profile roofing sheets, i.e., sheets that resemble conventional tiles in appearance. Read on to know all about tile profile roofing sheets and why they're the best roofing materials available on the market today.

Tile Profile Roofing Sheets: Features & Benefits

As the name suggests, tile profile roofing sheets resemble conventional roofing tiles due to their unique corrugated design with repetitive, wavy folds on the surface. These ridges and grooves enhance surface strength, making the roofing sheets more durable. They're lightweight & ultra-thin in structure and are made of long-lasting, eco-friendly materials like bitumen, polycarbonate etc. 

Bitumen, one of the commonly used construction materials, enhances the strength and longevity of the roofing sheets. This further makes them water-resistant, heat-resistant, and sound-absorbent. Because of these amazing features, corrugated sheets can last for a long time if they're regularly cleaned and maintained. Thus, they are ideal for constructing structures like sheds, porches, garages, etc.

Some benefits of bitumen roofing sheets are as follows:

1) Ease of installation: Due to their simple, lightweight (around 3 kg/sqm), and ultra-thin design, sheets are easier to carry and install. In case of tiled roofs, tiles have to be laid down one by one, which is a time-consuming process. However, roofing sheets take less time for installation, as they just need to be pitched at the right angle and secured together. The embossed surface lines of corrugated sheets allow builders to overlap, align & cut sheets with ease. They're secured with screws at an angle of minimum 15 degrees to offer maximum protection.

2) Ease of maintenance: Roofs made of several tiles clubbed together are difficult to clean and maintain because dust and dirt particles may settle in between the tiles. Moreover, during the rainy season, moss and algal growth can damage roofs. Contrary to this, roofing sheets are easy to clean and maintain as they're a singular structure.

3) Aesthetic appeal: The corrugated sheet's bright red color and wavy pattern resemble the visual appearance of roofing tiles. This adds a vintage touch to the buildings, making them visually pleasing.

4) High water resistance: Bitumen, the chief component of roofing sheets, is made of hydrocarbons, which are insoluble and hydrophobic in nature. It tends to repel water. Therefore, corrugated sheets made of bitumen are waterproof. When secured tightly in place, corrugated sheets don’t let water seep inside the buildings.

5) Thermal comfort: Bitumen is a thermoplastic material that is solid at room temperature and has a high melting point (above 150 °C). This unique property makes it an ideal choice for industrial applications like the construction of roofs and roads. Thus, bitumen roofs help maintain the internal temperature of the house.

6) Acoustic comfort: For years, bitumen, coupled with cellulose fibers, has been used in the manufacturing of washing machines, car engines, etc., due to their high viscoelasticity. The property allows it to absorb sound waves and convert them into heat. Bitumen roofs are soundproof—ideal for constructing homes in locations that receive heavy rainfall and high traffic.

7) Eco-friendliness: Green materials like cellulose are used for designing bitumen roofs, which makes them recyclable and eco-friendly in nature.

Seeking The Best Tile Profile Roofing Sheets For Construction?

Onduline TILE, one of the best tile profile roofing sheets available on the market, resembles the beautiful appearance of a traditional clay tiled roof. Designed with sealsmart technology, ONDULINE TILE is highly water-tight, heat-resistant, soundproof, lightweight, and easy to install & maintain. Manufactured with optimized asphalt panels, which have a standard dimension of 2000x970x3 mm, they make up a roofing structure that is lightweight, durable and can easily fit with both wood and metal purlins. The sheets don't rust and have great acoustic and heat performance. Thus, they're suitable for new construction as well as renovations.

The product is manufactured by ONDULINE, an 80-year-old brand that is renowned for designing innovative roofing systems for new constructions, renovations, and repairs. The brand produces a range of materials ranging from roofing tiles, sheets, and supportive structures that are used for constructing the roofs of resorts, houses, greenhouses, offices, and agricultural buildings, etc. Click to read more about tile profile roofing sheets here.