When it comes to terrace gardening, there are many design ideas for you to fulfill your dream terrace gardening. Terrace gardening helps to increase the oxygen level around. It enhances the look and feel of your home and soothes your mind as you gaze at the garden. If you have limited gardening space, then go for vertical gardening, which is a great way to add different types of plants. 

The terrace garden will help you and your family to unwind and relax. You can easily make it to an exotically beautiful place with the right blend of greens and natural elements. We give you simple steps to transform your terrace into a peaceful haven. 

Are you interested in enhancing the look of the garden on the terrace? With the right design, they can be a great way to maximize space. Let us delve deeply into terrace garden makeover ideas to bring an upbeat look to your garden.

Add a touch of greenery

To make your garden colourful, use climbing roses and English ivy, which are excellent choices. You can also make use of planters, indoor plants, shrubs, and herbs. You can also grow vegetables and fruits to become a home farmer.

Add a comfy furniture 

Adding furniture to your terrace garden will make your mind beckon and relax. Little drops of water make the mighty ocean. So, take one step at a time while you are working to enhance your terrace garden.

Create visual elements

Though the plants and shrubs in your garden may look enticing, it is only complete if you have aesthetic designs. So, take your garden to the next level by adding a statue in the middle or a fountain. You can also use a piece of sculpture or figurines reflecting your personality.

Use colourful, roofing sheet
It is crucial to choose the right roofing sheet for terrace gardening. Say goodbye to that clumsy roofing and replace it with the garden's transparent Ondulclair PC. The waterproof sheet for terrace garden gives an attractive look that complements well with the surrounding nature. Remember that our roofing materials are ideal for all weather conditions,

Why choose Onduclair PC

Onduline offers the best solutions for terrace gardening. The striking feature is that you can use these sheets for years without spending anything on maintenance. Onduline roofing sheets are made from natural roofing materials that are completely non-hazardous to use. These sheets will stand the test of time. Also, they add a beautiful touch to your terrace garden. 

Onduclair PC is a polycarbonate roofing sheet matching Onduline Classic profile. It allows daylight to seep into the room, providing natural lighting. It is recommended because of its long-term sustainable optical performance (up to 90% light transmission).

Onduline Classic roofing sheets are free from corrosion and rust, making them highly durable. These are made from materials that resist heat, pollution, and noise, making them an ideal choice for terrace gardening. 

The top features of Onduline roofing sheets include:

  • Durable
  • Waterproof
  • Weatherproof
  • Striking design
  • Eco-friendly
  • Easy to install

The lightweight roofing sheets of Onduline facilitate easy transportation of the sheets and a convenient installation. Connect with our experts without any delay!