An outdoor pergola, one of the most common and aesthetically pleasing structures, makes a wonderful addition to a garden or patio space. Pergolas are built with a seating area or shaded walkway sheltered by sturdy cross-beams resting on pillars or vertical posts. They're often adorned with decorative lighting or woody vines to create an attractive look. When constructed and oriented deliberately, they can extend living space. Choosing the right pergola roofing allows just enough light and shade to seep inside, making sunny days more enjoyable while providing much-needed UV protection. Many architects also suggest a retractable pergola roof cover for regions that receive maximum solar light.

If you're looking forward to constructing a pergola outside your home or office building, then polycarbonate roofing is the recommended option. Read on to learn more about different types of pergola roofs and discover why polycarbonate is a great pergola roofing material.

Different Pergola Roofs That Enhance The Aesthetic Appeal Of Outdoor Spaces

  • Static Paneled Roofs

Static paneled roofs have recently grown popular because of their classy appearance. They're designed using square-shaped transparent or translucent sheets firmly placed inside a grid-like structure. Transparent materials are ideal pergola roofing options for a greenhouse or laundry room because they allow free access to sunlight. On the other hand, acrylic fiber and polycarbonate roofing sheets offer a 100%shade experience, which is perfect for a seating area. 

The grid of a static pergola roof is often made of sturdy materials like stainless steel, metal, or wood. Therefore, it's the perfect cover for parking spaces and laundry areas. You can also suspend heavy objects like flower pots, wall hangings, or laundry hangers from the roof, as it is designed to bear such weight.

  • Louvered Roofs

A louvered roof forms a criss-cross pattern of light and shade. They're made of panels arranged in parallel rows with equal space in between. Although not retractable, it offers optimum sunlight penetration and airflow. While constructing this pergola roof, the panels, also called rafters or louvers, can be adjusted at different angles and distances to balance out light and shadows while offering protection against extreme sunlight.

  • Retractable Canopies

Retractable polycarbonate roofing is a practical option for pergolas because it can be extended further, as per requirement. Due to this feature, they can protect a larger area from extreme weather conditions. Modern-day retractable roofs are motorized structures operated via handheld remotes. It means one can easily extend the roof or completely retract it as per their wish or the surrounding weather.

  • Hut-style Roof

A hut-style roof is a typical roof drawn by every kindergartener ever. These triangular roofs are made of thin polycarbonate roofing sheets placed over supporting beams and posts. There are different versions of hut-style roofs based on the design angles and construction style. E.g., A-frame roofs, butterfly roofs, hip roofs, gable roofs, etc.

Why Is Polycarbonate Roofing a Popular Choice?

No matter what type of roof you choose to build, skylights are always the preferred. They entail multiple benefits, like:

  • Practicality

Polycarbonate roofing sheets are good replacements for traditional glass or metal roofs because they're easy to cut, use, and install using common construction tools. Also, their manufacturing process makes them stronger than glass panels; thus, they don't break easily. They're recommended for cladding, roofing, facades, and greenhouses (as they promote crop productivity).

Since they have a low specific weight, it is easier for designers to transport and handle them. They come in different thickness and lengths (up to 12m). You can choose a sheet as per your design requirements.

  • UV Protection

Extreme sunlight adversely affects metal and other polymeric materials, resulting in the chipping or cracking of surfaces. However, polycarbonate which makes it a perfect option for outdoor roofs.

  • Light Transmission

Unlike metal roofs, they don't completely block out sunlight, thus offering ample light inside.

  • Greater Resistance

They can withstand hot temperatures.

  • Usability & Ease Of Maintenance

Polycarbonate, as a polyester, is easily recycled and reused. It is also low-maintenance when cleaned and checked at regular intervals.

Are you looking for the best transparent polycarbonate roofing sheets available in the market?

Onduclair PC, a sturdy and robust product by Onduline is an excellent pergola roofing choice. Onduline is an eighty-year-old roofing brand, known for offering eco-friendly and superior roofing materials. Their polycarbonate roofing is practically unbreakable and an additional co-extruded UV protection layer enhances its long-term sustainable optical performance up to 90%. It is resistant against UV rays, hail, impact, and extreme temperatures. The transparent nature allows ample light inside. You can also use it to cover garden sheds, patios, garages, and balconies.

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