Whether it’s scorching summer or frosty winter outside, you depend on the roof of your home to stay comfortable. But, not all roofing materials give the same advantages. An energy-inefficient roof can make it hard to keep the temperature under control and increase your energy consumption. The cost of utility bills is also rising continuously, so now there is a push to build more energy-efficient homes. Homeowners are not only encouraged to opt for energy-saving appliances but to use energy-efficient building materials as well. Modern roofing solutions by Onduline can make a significant impact on the energy efficiency of your home, and reduce your utility bills.

What is an Energy Efficient Roof?

The roof of a house is in direct contact with the outside environment. Certain roofing materials absorb more heat and tend to increase the temperature inside the house. As a result, the air conditioning systems need to work harder to maintain a comfortable temperature at home, thus, increasing the energy consumption. To tackle these issues, homeowners can install Ondulin’s energy-efficient roofing solutions that are specifically designed to help keep the home cooler. Your air conditioning system has to work less to keep your home cooler, thus, saving your hard-earned money every month.

Benefits of Energy Efficient Roof

1. Better Temperature Control and Sun Protection

Your roof plays a significant role in temperature control inside your house and the choice of the roofing materials contributes to the SPF factor of your home. The higher the SPF rating, the more sun rays will be reflected away from your home. This attribute is what makes Onduline’s energy-efficient roof cooler in comparison to metal roofs.

2. Save Your Energy Bills

With energy-efficient roofing solutions by Onduline, your home appliances won’t need to work as hard to regulate your indoor temperatures which will lower your electricity bill. 

3. Provide Ventilation

A proper roofing system provides good ventilation by allowing the hot air to circulate out of your home.The corrugated roofing by ONDULINE helps in circulation of hot air.

Modern Roofing Solutions

  • Add insulation to your roof

Energy-efficient residential roofs can be created that not only prevent excess heat from entering your home during summers but also prevent heat from escaping during the winter season. 

  • Apply a Cool Roof Coating

Cool roof coatings are a great solution for roofs that get sun exposure frequently. These elastomeric coatings have ingredients that resist UV radiations. If you opt for this energy-efficient residential roof solution, ensure that your roof is free of problems like cracks, ponding, dirt, etc.

  • Choose the right material for the roof

The type of material you choose for your roof depends mainly on your local climate and your budget. Choosing the right material can lower your home’s energy requirements to a great extent. The most common types of energy-efficient roofs are asphalt shingles, shake shingles, metal roofing, slate roofing, or tile roofing. 

  • Energy Efficient Roofing

The light weight Bitumen sheets are the most energy efficient option that are not only sturdy and attractive but also provide thermal and acoustic comfort to the building. This keeps the energy cost of your home down to a significant extent. 

  • Provide Good Roof Ventilation 

Ventilation is the key to an energy-efficient roof. A roof with poor ventilation traps hot and humid air inside the attic which gradually bakes the rest of the house like an oven. This will force your air conditioning system to work harder, thus, leading to a significant rise in your monthly energy bills.

Once you are aware of all these aspects of energy-efficient roofing and have knowledge of modern roofing materials, you are on your way to reducing your utility bills.

Want an Energy-Efficient Residential Roof?

Energy costs are rising every year across the world. While nothing can be done about the increasing prices, you can do everything in your power to lower your energy consumption as much as possible. Choosing energy-efficient roofing materials by Onduline can be a smart move for both your finances as well as the environment. It’s a win-win!

Onduline has been successfully manufacturing lightweight energy-efficient roofing sheets, roof lighting, cladding and waterproofing membranes, and more for nearly 80 years. To know more about energy-efficient modern roofing materials, give us a call today!