Seasons change because of the earth’s tilted axis. The Indian monsoon season brings immense joy to us as the sweltering summer disappears. But heavy rains can affect roads as well as our homes. For a few people, rains are dreadful because they devastate homes in the form of leakages and seepages. Roof leakages are the most common problem that needs immediate attention. If you don’t address the problem instantly, the water may further damage the structure of your home. 

Hence, it is more crucial to get roof waterproofing done from Onduline, the leader in manufacturing lightweight roofing sheets, at the earliest to protect your roof from heavy rains. 

Finding the source of roof leakages

You may think of short-term protection to stop roof leakages. But that does not work in the long run. Monsoon leakages pave the way for health issues as well. That’s why you need the experts at Onduline that offer unprecedented roofing solutions for the roof

Finding the right source of roof leakages is vital to increasing your roof’s sustainability. If you are experiencing frequent repairs to your leaky roof then a roof replacement is the right solution. Fixing a leaky roof is a breeze for Onduline’s experts. 

Onduline’s waterproofing products come to the rescue to provide a strong shield from the rain. It is wise to start roof repair and waterproofing before the heavy downpour in the monsoon. 

Solutions to fix roof leakages quickly

With Onduline’s waterproofing products, it is time to waterproof your roofs. Some of the ultimate waterproofing quick fixes for your roof are given by Onduline and they are as follows:

  • Onduband

It is a self-adhesive waterproofing tape that bonds and seals metal, plastics, concrete, masonry, plaster, wood, and glass. This waterproof tape consists of an elastomer bitumen compound mixed with high-quality adhesive resins that are covered with an aluminium foil and reinforced by a PET film. 

This product is ideal for roof details and a wide variety of exterior repairs. Onduband from Onduline is easy to install, has high resistance to tearing off, and is UV resistant. It provides a universal solution for roof repairs.

  • Flashing Band

A flashing band is a self-adhesive, waterproofing tape. It consists of an elastomer bitumen compound mixed with high-quality adhesive resins, which is covered with an aluminium foil and reinforced by a PET film. The adhesive surface is protected by silicone-coated foil. 

It is used for waterproofing wall abutments and other sensitive roof details. Crafted with UV-stabilized coated aluminium, the flashing band has a high resistance to all weather conditions. Like Onduband, it is easy to install and has high flexibility.    

Benefits of using Onduline waterproofing products

Lightweight: The waterproofing products from Onduline are lightweight because they are manufactured using cellulose and bitumen. The distinctive feature is that they are very strong.

Colours: Onduline waterproofing products are appealing and available in unique colours, which normally are not available in the market. 

Easy to install: Our products are easy to install and fast to fix.

High resistance: The products from Onduline are highly resistant to all weather conditions.

Quality – Onduline waterproofing products are of professional quality.

Leaky roofs need immediate action to fix them. If you don’t fix it right away, it can lead to a big problem. Do you know rainwater is a major element for causing mould, decay, and corrosion? If you want to prevent moisture, strong, waterproof, self-adhesive bitumen tape can be used for maintenance and emergency repairs. It can also be used to seal joints and projections through roofs. Whether it is leakage through gaps, cracks, holes, or joints on any surface, waterproof adhesive from Onduline is perfect to prevent roof repairs and leakages.

Inspect your roof periodically and never forsake maintenance. Onduline provides high-quality lightweight roofing solutions to withstand all seasons, thereby protecting people and their belongings. We provide the easiest and most aesthetic solution to fix roof problems. Without any delay, stop your roof leak with Onduline’s waterproofing products! And get ready to face the monsoon season without any roof leakage!