General introduction on roofing for terrace

In cities having a space to do gardening is a luxury. Hence homeowners have resorted to rooftop gardening which is also known as terrace gardening. You may choose to have an open terrace garden; however your plants might get damaged due to excessive sunlight or excessive rainwater.

Hence, it is a good idea to cover your terrace garden with the best roofing solutions available. 

How terrace garden roofs are different 

Ideally terrace garden roofs should not be made from solid cementing, because then the plants will not get ample sunlight and will not grow well. To resolve this issue, home building material manufacturers came up with a solution with polycarbonate roofing sheets.

Polycarbonate roofing sheets are transparent and allow sunlight to seep in. This allows your plants to grow well. Even during the winter months, you can sit underneath this terrace garden roof and have your morning breakfast or evening tea. The warmth of the sunlight will feel great on your skin, and you can spend some time amidst nature too. Sunlight helps in producing vitamin D in your body and you will have ample vitamin D which is beneficial for your health too.

Onduclair Polycarbonate roofing sheets - If you want natural sunlight to fill up your terrace garden, then go for it. They are perfect for cold regions where the inmates would love to have sunlight while doing their gardening.

Types of roofs for your terrace garden

Polycarbonate roofing sheets are used all across the globe and are considered to be the best roofing solution for terrace gardens. Let’s look at the advantages of these sheets over other roofing materials-


  • Light-weight – Since polycarbonate is a much lighter material than glass, it is easier to transport it. It is quite easy to handle and install as it is lightweight and strong which does not break.
  • Versatile - Polycarbonate is a thermoplastic, which makes it incredibly flexible and versatile.
  • Durable – Polycarbonate sheets are extremely strong and durable, and they do not break like glass. They have high impact resistance, and if the flower pots, or some other heavy materials fall on them, they will not crack, chip or break.
  • Consistent - Polycarbonate sheets maintain their color, transparency, and shape for years.
  • Light transmission - Polycarbonate sheets can transmit much more light in comparison to fiberglass. You can mold them as per your requirements and control their light transmission percentage.

Benefits of using roofs for your terrace garden

  • Improves the air quality- Terrace gardens are excellent sources for enjoying better quality of air as the plants absorb carbon dioxide through the photosynthesis process, and emit oxygen for the humans to inhale. Green roofs may also help reduce the distribution of dust in the air and the production of smog. Hence, everyone should think about creating terrace gardens so that the entire city can benefit out of it.
  • Comfort for the homeowner- If the homeowner grows a beautiful terrace garden, they can also use that space as a sit out area in the mornings and evenings and have tea, snacks with the family. The entire family can spend some time together amidst nature and greenery and discuss the day’s events.

When there are guests at home, you can think of serving them snacks or dinner in the terrace garden. You can illuminate the place either with aromatic candles, or electric lights and bulbs and they will enjoy the meal in the open space.

  • Increases energy efficiency- Terrace gardens provide great insulation, retaining heat in winter and keeping temperatures cool in summer. Hence, you will not need to your electrical fans most of the times in terrace gardens during the summer months. If you have an enclosed terrace garden, it will produce greenhouse effect and keep the interiors warm. Hence the electricity bills will be lowered.
  • Lowers the grocery bills- You can grow pumpkin, carrots, chilies, tomatoes and flowers in your rooftop garden. You can use these homegrown produce in your regular cooking and save the money which you use to buy vegetables from the market. You can grow them organically without using pesticides and insecticides. Your family’s health too will improve when they eat healthy food devoid of the chemicals.
  • Rainwater harvesting- You must have studied in school that forests attract rain. Hence if you have a terrace garden, it will attract the clouds towards your area and you can use the same rainwater to water your plants. You can store the excess water in the underground reservoir and save on your water bills too.
  • Good Aesthetics- Aside from being able to produce your own vegetables and fruits, having a terrace garden makes your home green and adds aesthetic value on its surroundings especially if one has colorful flowers planted in it. It also increases the resale value of your home as the buyer would love to buy a house which already has a terrace garden in place instead of a barren terrace.
  • Waste reduction- You can create a compost pit and throw the vegetable peels, dry leaves and other bio waste in that. It will produce manure for your terrace garden which will be healthy for your plants. You need not spend money in buying artificial fertilizers. 

Conclusion on choosing Onduline products for roofing

Onduline lightweight purlins are perfect for constructing the roofing for your terrace garden. The steel used in these purlins does not tend to warp with age and it is perfect for providing support to the Onduline tiles and sheets. The high-quality finish makes it look good if you are sitting underneath.

You can have patches of transparent areas in the terrace roofing wherein you can embed polycarbonate roofing sheets

  • Onduvilla- These roof tiles can sit perfectly on the roofing truss system made out of the purlins. To add to your happiness, you will get them in eight magnificent colors to match the color scheme of your primary building’s outdoor paint. Shaded red, Terracotta 3D and Forest Green 3D are our bestseller products.
  • Onduline Tiles- If you are planning to create an enclosed roofing for your terrace garden, Onduline tiles should be your best bet. They offer exceptional thermal comfort and your family can spend some cozy moments there during the winters. The noise made by your children will not seep out as these tiles have excellent acoustic comfort. Since they offer excellent waterproofing, your plants will be safe during the rainy season. 
  • Onduline Duro 325- These corrugated sheets are extremely lightweight and will look amazing on the top of your terrace garden. Available in four mesmerizing colors, they will make your neighbors go green with envy.